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Medical Education Commission Notice Regarding PCL Level Health Program Admission

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Medical Education Commission Notice Regarding PCL Level Health Program Admission

Medical Education Commission Notice Regarding PCL Level Health Program Admission

The Government of Nepal has published vital information for all interested parties on the admissions process for the certificate level of Medical Education under the authority of the Medical Education Commission. This information, published on 2080/04/09, is designed to bring clarity to the process and ensure all stakeholders are compliant with the National Medical Education Act, 2075.

Understanding the Role of the Medical Education Commission

The Medical Education Commission, established under the National Medical Education Act, 2075, serves as a regulatory body overseeing the quality and integration of medical education. As stipulated in the Act's Section 2, Clause (No), "affiliation" refers to the formal academic endorsement granted by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

Requirement of Letter of Intent and Affiliation

As outlined in Section 11, Subsection (1) of the National Medical Education Act, 2075 and Rule 6 of the National Medical Education Regulations, 2077, aspiring educational institutions need to secure a letter of intent from the Commission. Medical education institutions that have received this letter must then apply to the Commission for affiliation recommendation.

Formation of Committees and Approval Process

Upon application for affiliation, the Commission forms a committee. The Commission, based on this committee's recommendation, will approve the teaching of medical education under the CTEVT, as defined in Rule 8 of the Regulations.

Seat Allocation and Phasing Out of Technical Work

The Commission has the responsibility of determining the number of student admission seats, guided by Subsection (1) of Section 17 of the Act and Rule 10 of the Regulations. Any technical work related to medical education below the certificate level will be gradually phased out and upgraded to meet prescribed standards, as per section 15, sub-section (5) of the Act.

CTEVT's Responsibilities and Coordination

The CTEVT must coordinate with the Commission to organize entrance examinations for certificate-level education-related activities, as defined in Clause (c) of Sub-Section (5) of Section 16 of the Act.

Strict Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In instances where the National Medical Education Act, 2075 applies to universities, institutions, and other institutions providing medical education, they must adhere to the Act's stipulations and the regulations. The decision and order of the High Court of Patan, in a case involving medical education institutions under CTEVT and the opposing Medical Education Commission, confirmed that the TEVT should conduct the entrance examination and that all related matters fall under the Commission's jurisdiction.

The Commission has observed that CTEVT has taken unauthorized actions, such as giving new affiliations, determining the number of student admission seats, and publishing entrance examination notices, in violation of established laws and regulations.

Illegal Activities and Legal Consequences

Any affiliation grants, student admission seat allocations, and entrance examination notices by CTEVT without the Commission's decision contravene the National Medical Education Act and Regulations. All concerned parties must note that if students are admitted to institutions not recommended by the Commission or without Commission-approved seat allocation, their degrees will not be registered with the Nepal Health Practitioners Council and related subject councils.

Furthermore, institutions that haven't received Commission approval, affiliation, or met the standards, will face legal consequences if they admit students. Such institutions may be recommended by the Commission for disciplinary action in accordance with other prevailing laws.

To check the list of educational institutes with fixed seats for the academic session 2080/81, visit the Commission's website at Parents, students, and educational institutions must be vigilant about these regulations to maintain the authenticity and legitimacy of their medical education certificates.

First Published on 2080/04/09

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