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PCL, Diploma and Pre-Diploma Level Admission for Main Candidates of Disadvantage Group - CTEVT

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PCL, Diploma and Pre-Diploma Level  Admission  for Main Candidates of Disadvantage Group

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Urgent notice regarding the publication of results of Special Technical Education Scholarship Program 2077 at Diploma / Certificate and Pre-Diploma level in the academic session 2077/078 and enrollment in the recommended educational institutions

As per the provisions of the budget and program of the Government of Nepal for the fiscal year 2077/078, 22 groups (Bankariya, Baram, Bote, Chepang, Danuwar, Ghanuk, Dalit, Muslim, Vipanna Haliya, Kamaiya, Hayu, Jhagad, Kisan, Kusunda, Lepcha, Majhi, Meche, Kuswadia, Raji, Raute, Satar, Sinsa, Siyar, Surel, Thami, Thunam) are included in the list. Diploma / Certificate in the following prescribed quota from students and mentioned technical education of various educational programs at the pre-diploma level. According to the notice published in Gorkhapatra Rastriya Dainik Patrika on 2077-12-24 and as per the information to fill the application form for the entrance examination, the candidates who have submitted the application form should conduct the entrance examination on 2078-1-25 as per the pre-determined schedule. And could not be operated due to the issuance of injunctions in most districts for control.

Due to the non-selection of trainees for the program within this financial year, the program will not be conducted. May 560 students from deprived, Dalit, and Muslim communities will be deprived of the opportunity to get technical education. According to the information published in the Gorkhapatra Rastriya Dainik dated 2078-03-18, the results have been published in order to select the candidates and publish the recommended results for admission in the approved quota.

As per the decision of 2078-03-29, the candidates selected on the basis of the required minimum educational qualifications as per the decision of 2078-03-29 are recommended to study in the educational institutions mentioned in the details. And if there are a hundred days of public holiday, the main candidates who are recommended within the next day have to download the results from the website and enroll in the designated educational institution; This information has been published for the information of all those who are going to be admitted in the specified educational institution with the required original documents (educational certificates, admission card and original copy of their class opening certificate) as mentioned in the guideline on admission within the mentioned period, 2074 (Third Amendment).

Candidates who have been recommended for admission will have to print the application form and submit it at the time of admission.

The educational institutions designated for scholarship admission are based on this information as per the details of the results published on according to the educational program of the candidates recommended to their educational institution.
The principal of the educational institution verifies the original recommendation letter and admission letter of the concerned body and keeps a copy of the same in the educational institution as per (4) of the guideline on diploma and certificate level entrance examination operation, scholarship distribution, and admission, 2074 (3rd amendment). It is hereby informed that only those candidates who have attained the specified educational qualifications will be allowed to die within the prescribed quota within the prescribed period without any fee (bail, library, experimental, transportation, etc.).

If the candidates who are not qualified for the educational program to study without verifying the original documents are killed, the council registration of such candidates will not be maintained and the responsibility of the principal of the educational institution concerned is also informed.

Candidates are advised to contact the educational institution/office where the application has been submitted or the educational institution where the admission has been recommended. If the quota remains vacant in any educational program without the death of the main examinee within the mentioned period, the concerned educational institution publishes 7 days notice in Gorkhapatra Rastriya Dainik and gives 7 tin notices from the candidates on the optional / waiting list and registers in the original registration book of the educational institution. And from among the candidates on the passing list, they will have to be admitted according to the qualification order.

If the target quota of the target group of the educational program of the concerned educational institution remains vacant, the selected quota of the province will be selected according to the qualification order from the same program. In case of non-fulfillment, selection will be made from other programs of the same state according to the qualification order. Even after that, if the quota becomes vacant, you will have to participate in the entrance examination in the quota that has been left vacant from the passing list of other states and applies for the desired program, and be admitted according to the qualification of the program.

The results of the candidates have been published on the Council's website and the information board of the Examination Control Office.

(Notice published date: 2078-03-30)