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Brixton College was established in 2009 AD, located in Buspark Road, Bheemdatta-3, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur district of Nepal. It is affiliated with Pokhara University for BBA program and is one of the pioneer institutions in preparing individuals for professional careers in business management.

At Brixton, It focuses on each student's lifelong success as a principal leader of businesses & society. Brixton aims to accomplish this very purpose by emphasizing rigorous course work with experience, individual growth through teamwork, connections with alumni & corporate houses & time-tested values with innovation. All these have set us apart from others.

At Brixton BBA, Program, explain how the Professional Management Program casts a spotlight on the process of judgment and demonstrates that exercising judgment is neither art nor science but a craft that can be honed with practice, reflection, feedback, and coaching.

The college has a vibrant atmosphere for management education providing prerequisites and necessary conditions on the basis of social values for spiritual, professional, and socially responsible personal development.


Change is an essential part of nature. In fact, the only thing constant about change is change itself. People who do not adapt to changing times risk being left behind. Resistance to change is a major hurdle in achieving one's goals- be it personal or professional. At BRIXTON It believes in the philosophy of change for betterment.


Brixton College has objectives to prepare students to excel in all walks of life. Tapping and molding the potential of a section of the population of a country that boasts of the youngest demography among large economies, takes genuine pride in our duty. It promotes an open culture that fosters creativity. The ability to nurture, deliver, analyze and develop young budding minds to mature professionals is what sets us apart. Applying managerial concepts to the fast-changing business environment is what its students learn through an appropriate mix of theory and practice. All the best dear students, it welcomes you to the exciting new environment that will take you to greater heights.


Brixton has a dynamic Placement and Training Cell that grooms students to industry requirements. This cell provides guidance for career opportunities to students. Every student is made to go through a series of soft skill enhancement training programmes during their course which prepares them to face the challenges of the new era.


Brixton has its own counseling center where the college is committed to providing quality time to the students individually. A student's counselor helps students effectively deal with personal and professional challenges through mentoring and counseling, Programmes for HR training and counseling for college staff are also conducted on a continuous basis by experts.


We believe less can be achieved in isolation. As a management institute, we have collaborated and joined hands with corporate bodies, business houses, academic leaders, and the most inspiring souls of our business society. The connectivity with them has benefitted our students to learn from their experiences.


The Innovation Club is a student-run open club initiative that engages & inspires students to pursue their careers and life by doing what they love. We aim to train together a diverse set of students who all share one thing they desire ‘Live their passion and play a huge role to inspire and innovate in what they do. The club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access to knowledge, and network with community leaders & entrepreneurs. The club organizes regional and national events every year. The club organizes various activities such as business plan competitions, business development plan as a guest lecture, case analysis competitions, best manager competitions, arts, music etc.


Brixton creative digital team invites to all the faculty members and students and most importantly those who are passionate about article writing and blogging can share their resourceful insight at, passionate writers of different personalities belonging from arrays of field can share their common interest in writing and blogging creative stuff to let the world know how their writings can change the way people and industries think, feel, act and behave.


Brixton Diary Presents its first initiative as a "Visual Library" among its students from all semesters to participate, develop and transform. Interested students can enroll and start developing their own scripts, stories, and videos and find their creative pieces of art on College Youtube Channel. Students can create and develop their visual arts on the following topics.


The IT and media Club of Brixton is a student club established in order to give individuals an opportunity to share and extend ideas, views, and knowledge in the

field of IT and fast-changing technology at present. The IT Club doesn't limit itself to the group when it comes to sharing. It helps students in their projects and in the curriculum, among other things.


The student visiting Program aims to attract the bonafide students of various educational institutions from around the nation for visits (of one day) to Brixton college for the pursuit of collaborative learning (preference will be given to those with a potential to address the masses).

The principal aim of the program is to form ties with young individuals whom it is hoped will develop in the future into leaders in their fields. Fellows accepted to the program will additionally be expected to give seminars or mini-courses thus contributing to the enrichment of graduate students' education.

It is intended to support the professional development of students from various streams/disciplines who have the desire to increase the competitiveness of their own independent potential through academic collaborations with the visiting college culture, faculties, fellow student members, studies, and innovative approach.

The Visiting student's program of Brixton college is open to suitable candidates from all academic institutions across the nation. The initiative is intended for outstanding issues and opportunities the human societies are encountered in the field of management, technology, business and society.

Corporate Collaboration and Industry Tie Ups

We believe less can be achieved in isolation. As a management institute, Collaboration with Corporate Bodies, Business Houses, Academic Leaders, and the most inspiring souls of our business society. Various Events and Activities that keep happening at Brixton have engaged Professionals in myriads of platforms to train and transcend our scholars.

The connectivity with them has benefitted to our students to learn from their experience and knowledge. And to start with Brixton College has tied up with Nabil bank and NSBI bank limited Mahendranagar Branch and timely organizes the events and activities to the management scholars. The collaboration had enriched and expanded the learning curve of our students at large.

Events under Corporate Collaboration:

  • CV writing and development
  • Interview skill training
  • Being an employee training
  • Financial literacy
  • Understanding job and career management

Collaboration Process:

  • Corporate Training
  • Corporate Culture
  • Internship & Projects
  • Simulation &Management
  • Research & Development
  • Professional Visit Program

Other Highlights:

  • 5+ Brixton Clubs and Leadership
  • 73.42% of Students till 2020 graduates
  • 43.55% Successfully have placements
  • 200+ Events Virtual Sessions1
  • 7050 Sqft. Campus with Hitech Feature

Course Offered:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


  • Pokhara University

Infrastructure / Facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Sports
  • WiFi-Campus
  • Labs
    Science Lab
  • Conference
  • Multimedia
  • Online Journal
  • Placement
  • Counselling
  • Scholarship
  • E-library
  • Tour
  • Online Learning
    Online Learning
  • CCTV
  • IT Infrastructure
    Computer Lab
  • Classrooms
  • Alumni Associations
  • Club
  • Conference Hall
    Conference Hall
  • ECA

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