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Established in March 2002, Kathmandu Academy of Tourism and Hospitality (KATH) is an elite institution designed to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in Nepal's burgeoning tourism industry. With a resolute focus on nurturing talents to efficiently manage both private and public sectors of tourism, KATH's mission is centered around a guiding principle of "Tourism for Prosperity and Peace".

KATH stands as the solitary educational institution in Nepal that offers graduate and postgraduate courses in tourism management. Its unique standing is complemented by a team of devoted and highly-qualified faculty members, committed to imparting comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

The academy's educational approach extends beyond traditional degree programs, with short-duration, tailor-made training programs available for both private and public tourism sectors. This reflects KATH's dedication to cater to a wide range of educational requirements in the tourism industry.

KATH's impact reaches far beyond its classrooms. The academy has successfully delivered short-term training courses to various stakeholders, including the Government of Nepal Department of Immigration, Tourism for Rural poverty Alleviation Programme (TRPAP), Austrian INGO Eco-Himal, National Examination Board, Nepal, and travel trade operators from different regions of Nepal.

Their commitment to educational excellence has been recognized globally, with the college receiving the WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarship for BTTS students and a Gold Medal from the Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Foundation for BTTS graduates' outstanding performance in tourism studies.


KATH's strategic objectives are fourfold:

  1. Quality Education and Training: To provide top-notch education and training that enables students to excel at basic, supervisory, and management levels of travel and tourism operation and management.

  2. Manpower Development: To address the need for qualified and competent professionals serving in both private and public tourism sectors.

  3. Career Building: To enhance career prospects for the new generation at an affordable cost, preparing them for opportunities in the rapidly growing travel and tourism sector, nationally and internationally.

  4. Resource Center: To serve as a national hub for travel and tourism education, training, and research.

Through these objectives, KATH is shaping the future of tourism in Nepal and beyond, providing a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students and equipping them to make significant contributions to the tourism industry.

Salient Features:

KATH goes beyond traditional education by offering a comprehensive learning environment that includes state-of-the-art facilities, extra-curricular activities, and close ties with the tourism industry.

Well-Designed Learning Spaces

  • Spacious Classrooms: Bright and spacious classrooms facilitate an environment conducive for optimal learning.

  • Advanced Computer Laboratory: The computer lab, equipped with multimedia and internet, enables students to enhance their studies as per the curriculum.

  • Resourceful Library: The academy prides itself on a well-stocked library, featuring course books, national and international magazines, and journals that cater to the diverse needs of students and scholars in travel and tourism.

  • Comfortable Cafeteria: Providing meals and light refreshments at a reasonable cost, the cafeteria ensures a comfortable space for students and staff to unwind.

Enriching Extra-Curricular Activities

  • To foster an all-round development, KATH encourages students to participate in various extra-curricular activities. These range from sports to cultural programs, publishing in-house magazines, organizing events, and engaging in debates.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

KATH employs an interactive teaching approach, involving:

  • Classroom lectures and tutorials using audio-visual aids such as videos, LCD overhead projectors.
  • Case studies, assignments, industrial orientation, internships, and field trips to enrich learning experience.
  • Regular talk programs, workshops, and seminars to provide industry exposure and insights.

Industry Partnerships

  • KATH's robust relationship with the tourism industry plays a pivotal role in its educational offerings. Industry leaders, tourism entrepreneurs, and public sector personnel frequently interact with students as guest faculty. The academy also boasts membership in national travel trade bodies such as the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), and Nepal Association of Rafting Agents (NARA).

Short Term Courses

  • Catering to the diverse needs of the tourism sector, KATH offers short-term courses in areas such as Basics of Tourism Management, Travel and Tour Operations, Airlines Ticketing, Customer Care, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Development Planning, Tourism Measurement, Sustainable Tourism, Hotel and Travel Trade Accounts Keeping, and Financial Management.

Through these features, KATH provides a comprehensive and enriching experience, preparing students not only to excel in their careers but also to contribute significantly to the evolving tourism industry.

Scholarship Information

KATH firmly believes in nurturing talent irrespective of geographical or economic barriers. This ethos is reflected in the academy's scholarships and special discounts aimed at enabling students from various backgrounds to pursue their dreams in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Discount for Remote Area Students

  • KATH offers special discounts to students hailing from touristically potential remote areas within Nepal. These discounts are available for both Bachelor's in Travel and Tourism Studies (BTTS) and Master's in Tourism Studies (MTS) course programs. The determination of these discounts is based on the academic record at the 'plus two' level and the economic condition of the students.

Merit-Based Tuition Fee Exemption

In an effort to reward and promote academic excellence, KATH provides a 50% tuition fee exemption based on exceptional academic performance and commendable conduct:

  • For the BTTS program, this exemption is granted to one female and one male student.
  • For the MTS program, the exemption is given to one student.

This fee exemption applies for one semester and can be renewed based on continued excellence in academic performance and general conduct at the academy.

Through these scholarship programs, KATH is committed to fostering inclusivity and excellence within the sphere of tourism and hospitality education in Nepal.

Programs Offered:

Affiliated with Purbanchal University, KATH offers comprehensive academic programs meticulously designed to equip students with knowledge and skills required in the dynamic field of tourism and hospitality.

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Studies (BTTS)

  • The BTTS program is an undergraduate course that introduces students to the foundations of travel and tourism. It aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the sector and develop the skills needed to efficiently operate within both the private and public sectors of tourism.

Master of Tourism Studies (MTS)

  • The MTS program is a postgraduate course that deepens the understanding of tourism studies. The curriculum is designed to cater to the advanced requirements of the industry, emphasizing strategic planning, management, and sustainable practices.

By offering these degree programs, KATH is advancing Nepal's tourism education, equipping students with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the global tourism landscape.


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