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Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences

Hetauda, Makwanpur

Estd. 2018




Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences (MBAHS) was established in 2018 AD as a health academic institution located in Hetauda, Makawanpur, Bagarmati Province of Nepal.

MBAHS was established by Provincial Act, 2018 guided by Madan Bhandari’s envision of social equity particularly in health. Realizing the mammoth growth in demand for higher education, our representatives approved a bill that made compulsory to establish at least a Government Medical College as a Deem University in a state.

Madan Bhandari was an extraordinaire politician and the narrative is always not enough. He was a visionary leader who led collective awakening of millions for participatory democracy. Unswayed by political elitism, he was a public servant of people oriented perspective.

To commemorate this eminent personality, different programmes are being forwarded with priority by Government of Nepal with Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences (MBAHS) being one of them.

Establishment of MBAHS is a stunning advances on revolutionary changes by Bagmati province where deemed university functions under direct supervision of chief minister. This is first provincial deemed university (academy) of Nepal and holds utmost importance to chronological changes happening in Nepal. Nestled in salubrious environment of Hetauda, where vibrant community exists with visually stunning landmarks. A well known education hub offering various academic courses Hetauda needs a lot more substantial structural reforms when it comes to quality health care.

Owing to its location and potential future to cater needs of the people of Bagmati province, Hetauda was chosen nucleus for medical education. MBAHS commits itself as a dedicated institute to broaden accessibility of health care to reach every nook and cranny of 13 districts of Bagmati province.  Here, we modify our services as per people’s need and demand. It’s a cerebral destination that upholds technologically enhanced learning and research platform. MABHS realizes that research is driving force behind medical advancements and encourages research excellence. 


Nurture health professionals with a humanitarian soul, universal perspective, and patriotism in action.


To become frontier medical institute of Nepal, providing quality environment conducive for learning. We aim to cultivate spirit of inquiry, thirst for knowledge and innovation oriented with ingenious pursuits. We envision a patient centric state of art health care facility, committed to professional excellence, reaching all communities, primarily under-reached, unreached and uncounted.


  • To create health manpower who will be the role model of the society
  • To create humble, dedicated and responsible doctors
  • To adopt technology friendly environment in all aspects of teaching, learning, and research
  • To implement artificial intelligence technique in curriculum, development and analysis : Learning and assessment
  • To set up competency based learner centered programme
  • To produce visionary leaders who can ensure vision becoming reality and inspire others to do so
  • To conduct advanced researches and, undertaking research projects especially pertaining to Nepalese context
  • To kindle education into entrepreneurship streak.
  • To develop favorable economic, social and political environment for the graduated students tostay and work for the country
  • To establish MBAHS as an institution sensitive to the health needs and expectations of the people
  • To establish suitable environment for effective practice of evidence based medicine
  • To establish MBAHS in strong rank in the global competition
  • To improve the health status of the people of Nepal by providing holistic health care service

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