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Founded in 2012, NIST College in Nayabasti, Banepa–9, represents a significant expansion of the NIST National School of Sciences located in Kathmandu. This prestigious institution has rapidly grown over the past ten years, transforming from a modest start to a leading academic establishment in the area.

Location and Accessibility

  • Peaceful Setting: NIST College Banepa is located in a peaceful and remote location along the Nala Road, just 1.5 kilometers from the heart of Banepa city. This strategic location offers students a tranquil environment conducive to learning.
  • Ease of Access: Its proximity to Banepa city ensures easy accessibility while providing a quiet study atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Academic Growth and Achievements

  • From Humble Beginnings: Starting with only a few students and staff, the college now boasts a significant student body and a dedicated teaching staff.
  • Focus on Quality Education: The college is committed to providing superior education locally, allowing students to study close to home and avoid the challenges of city life in Kathmandu.
  • Track Record of Success: Over the years, NIST College has produced numerous successful graduates who have excelled in various professions and entrepreneurial ventures both in Nepal and internationally.

Academic Programs

  • Diverse Undergraduate Offerings: The College currently offers several undergraduate programs, including:
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.SC.CSIT)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA)
    • Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)
  • Affiliation with Tribhuwan University: All programs are affiliated with the prestigious Tribhuwan University, ensuring high academic standards.


  • A Leader in Higher Education: NIST College aspires to be the foremost higher education institution in the country, producing well-rounded graduates equipped with academic prowess, purpose, and a commitment to positively impact society and the world.


  • Transformative Education: The College is dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience with a focus on experiential and project-based learning.
  • Innovation in Learning: It encourages innovative learning methods, helping students develop vital competencies and character traits necessary for success in a dynamic and digital world.
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Through engagement with society and businesses, NIST College nurtures entrepreneurial and leadership skills, preparing students for successful and impactful careers.

Core Values at NIST College

NIST College Banepa, with its comprehensive set of core values, fosters an educational environment that nurtures personal growth, social responsibility, and innovative thinking. These values guide every member of the college community, shaping their actions, decisions, and interactions.

  1. Integrity:

    • Honesty and Sincerity: Integrity is a cornerstone value at NIST College. The college community, including students and staff, is committed to honesty, trustworthiness, and sincerity.
    • Moral Uprightness: Everyone is encouraged to act morally, upholding the harmony of thoughts, words, and actions.
    • Cultivating Integrity: The school environment is designed to nurture and value integrity, ensuring it is deeply ingrained in the college culture.
  2. Responsibility:

    • Accountability in Actions: Students and staff at NIST College are taught to take responsibility for their actions and accept the outcomes.
    • Duty with Dedication: The community demonstrates responsible behaviors, fulfilling duties with love, care, and dedication.
    • Personal and Collective Growth: Emphasis is placed on taking responsibility for personal learning and contributing to the growth of the school and its community.
  3. Collaboration:

    • Teamwork and Shared Goals: Collaboration is key to achieving common goals at NIST College.
    • Information Sharing and Support: Students and staff actively share ideas, support each other, and engage in productive interactions.
    • Celebrating Success: Successes, both individual and collective, are celebrated, fostering a sense of community and shared achievement.
  4. Respect:

    • Mutual Respect and Appreciation: Respect for others, as one would expect for oneself, is a fundamental value.
    • Embracing Diversity: The college environment embraces diversity and individual differences through mutual acceptance.
    • Reverence and Care: Learners show appreciation and respect for everyone, including the community and environment.
  5. Innovation:

    • Creativity and Experimentation: Innovation is encouraged to keep pace with changing technologies and to solve complex problems creatively.
    • Thinking Outside the Box: Students are motivated to challenge traditional approaches and think innovatively.
    • Leadership and Positive Change: The college aims to produce future leaders who can drive positive changes and contribute significantly to society.
  6. Entrepreneurship:

    • Critical Thinking and Risk-Taking: Entrepreneurial skills like critical thinking and risk-taking are emphasized.
    • Creating Value: Students learn to create value and make a positive impact globally.
    • Skill Development for Future Leaders: By focusing on entrepreneurship, NIST College equips students with the skills needed to succeed and lead in various fields.

Key Aspects of Our Philosophy

NIST College's educational philosophy is anchored in the belief that every individual has unique value and the potential for positive contribution. This philosophy shapes the institution's approach to teaching, learning, and community engagement.

  1. Value of Individual Contribution:

    • Recognizing Individual Worth: Every person is seen as valuable, with the ability to make significant contributions.
    • Community Benefits: Collaborative efforts are emphasized, benefiting both individuals and the community.
  2. Nurturing Environment:

    • Encouraging Potential: The college environment is designed to nurture and enable individuals to realize and express their full potential.
    • Supportive Atmosphere: A supportive and encouraging setting is provided for personal and academic growth.
  3. Integrity and Responsibility:

    • Acting with Integrity: Integrity is a core value, where individuals are encouraged to act ethically and responsibly.
    • Responsibility for Actions: Taking responsibility for one's actions is seen as crucial for the well-being of both the community and the environment.
  4. Individual and Collective Learning:

    • Personalized Education: Acknowledging that each student has a unique set of experiences, skills, and interests, the college tailors its teaching methods accordingly.
    • Collective Experience: The collective experiences of students are leveraged to enhance the learning environment.
  5. Diversity and Inclusivity:

    • Valuing Diversity: A diverse student body is viewed as an asset, enriching the school community.
    • Leveraging Diverse Experiences: The varied backgrounds and experiences of students are seen as valuable resources.
  6. Preparation for Global Challenges:

    • 21st Century Skills: The college aims to equip students to face global challenges and succeed in life.
    • Beyond Academic Success: The focus is not just on academic achievement, but also on preparing students for life beyond school.
  7. Academic Excellence and Inquiry:

    • Focus on Academic Excellence: A strong emphasis is placed on academic achievement and excellence.
    • Encouraging Intellectual Inquiry: Students are encouraged to engage in intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.
  8. Community and Communication:

    • School as a Community: The school fosters a sense of community among students, parents, and staff.
    • Effective Communication: Thoughtful interaction and effective communication are fundamental to the success and well-being of the school community.

Facilities at NIST College

NIST College offers a range of facilities designed to support and enrich the educational experience of its students. From a well-stocked library to advanced IT labs, the College ensures that its students have access to the best resources for their academic and personal growth.

  1. Library:

    • Resource-Rich Environment: The library houses a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, periodicals, and newspapers.
    • Research and Project Work: It serves as a hub for advancing knowledge and supporting research and project work for both students and teachers.
  2. Cafeteria:

    • Nutritious Meal Options: The canteen offers a variety of freshly prepared, well-balanced meals, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
    • Convenient Meal Purchase: Meals, including lunch and snacks, can be purchased at the canteen.
  3. Transportation Service:

    • Commuting Convenience: The College provides bus services to facilitate student commutes.
    • Accessible Locations: The bus service covers specific locations, with arrangements made at the time of admission.
  4. Health Care Services:

    • First-Aid and Minor Ailments: The school infirmary offers first-aid and treats minor injuries and illnesses during school hours.
    • Emergency Care: In case of serious injury, immediate transfer to a hospital is arranged.
  5. Uniform Requirement:

    • Prescribed Dress Code: Students are required to wear a uniform, including a shirt, pants, tie, and coat.
    • Special Attire for Activities: A house T-shirt is provided for extracurricular activities.
  6. Science & Computer Labs:

    • Well-Equipped Laboratories: Separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, along with modern computer labs, are available.
    • Enhanced Learning Experience: Labs are designed to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experiments under expert supervision.
  7. Advanced IT Labs & Library:

    • Cutting-Edge IT Facilities: The IT labs are equipped with high-speed internet, modern computers, and the latest software and hardware.
    • Focus on IT Skills Development: Students gain hands-on experience with the latest developments in IT under expert guidance.
  8. Strengthening Teaching-Learning:

    • Professional Development for Faculty: Regular workshops, seminars, and training sessions are conducted to enhance teaching quality.
    • Empowered Teaching: Faculty members stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and technologies.
  9. Strong Leadership Team:

    • Experienced Leadership: The leadership team boasts decades of experience in teaching, administration, and management.
    • Commitment to Excellence: They are dedicated to nurturing students’ potential and ensuring their safety and well-being.
  10. IT Programs and Conference:

    • Industry Engagement: IT professionals and entrepreneurs are invited to share experiences and insights with students.
    • Annual IT Conference: This event provides a platform for students to interact with IT experts and showcase their innovations.
  11. IT Company Engagement:

    • Real-World Experience: Students work on projects aligned with the needs of top IT companies, gaining practical experience.
    • Networking Opportunities: This initiative helps students understand industry trends and prepares them for employment.
  12. Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA):

    • Holistic Development: ECAs are integral, helping students develop leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
    • Diverse Clubs and Programs: Students can explore their interests and passions through various clubs and leadership programs.
  13. Talent Meet-Up: Job Fair for IT Graduates:

    • Career Launchpad: The job fair connects IT graduates with potential employers and showcases their skills.
    • Industry Insights: Graduates gain insights into the IT industry and can network with professionals.

Students Life at NIST College Banepa

Student life at NIST College is a blend of academic rigor and a variety of non-academic activities, offering students numerous opportunities to grow, explore, and rejuvenate. These activities are integral to the holistic development of students, allowing them to discover new interests and hone their skills.

Vibrant Student Activities at NIST College

  1. Sports Week:

    • Break from Academics: Post the second terminal examinations, students and teachers take a well-deserved break to engage in sports.
    • Variety of Sports: Activities include futsal, tug of war, basketball, table tennis, badminton, and indoor games like chess, ludo, and carom board.
    • Most Awaited Event: This week is a highlight in the school calendar, eagerly anticipated by the students.
  2. Annual Tour and Hiking:

    • Expanding Horizons: Travel is seen as a key component in broadening students’ perspectives and enhancing their adaptability and critical thinking skills.
    • Domestic and International Tours: Students participate in weeklong academic tours to various locations within Nepal and countries like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and China.
  3. Competitions and Science Exhibition:

    • Showcasing Talents: The College organizes competitions in debates, quizzes, essay writing, and fine arts, encouraging students to explore their potential.
    • Science and Innovation Fair: An annual science exhibition showcases students' creativity in science and technology, inviting participation from NIST and other schools.
  4. Field–Trips and Excursions:

    • Hands-On Learning Experiences: Field trips and excursions are tailored to complement the academic curriculum and offer practical learning experiences.
    • Diverse Destinations: Visits to botanical gardens, zoos, museums, and agricultural farms enrich the students’ understanding of various subjects.
    • Community Engagement: Students participate in projects contributing to their local community, fostering empathy and social responsibility.

The dynamic student life at NIST College, encompassing sports, travel, competitions, and field excursions, plays a crucial role in shaping well-rounded individuals. These activities complement the academic curriculum, providing students with invaluable experiences that prepare them for both personal and professional challenges ahead.

Admission Guidelines

NIST College offers a range of programs for students aspiring to pursue higher education in diverse fields. Each program has specific eligibility criteria that prospective students must meet. Below is a detailed guide on the eligibility requirements for various programs at NIST College.

Eligibility Criteria for Different Programs

  1. B.Sc. (General) in Physics and Biology Programs

    • Academic Requirement: Completion of 10+2 level education with at least a second division.
    • Examination Requirement: Must have successfully passed the Tribhuvan University (TU) Examination.
  2. B.Sc. CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology)

    • Academic Requirement: Completion of 10+2 level education in the Science stream with at least a second division or an equivalent qualification recognized by Tribhuvan University.
    • Examination Requirement: Must have passed the Tribhuvan University Examination, IOST (Institute of Science and Technology).
  3. BIM (Bachelor of Information Management)

    • Academic Requirement: Completion of 10+2 level education with at least a second division or an equivalent qualification recognized by Tribhuvan University.
    • Examination Requirement: Must have cleared the CMAT exam conducted by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.
  4. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

    • Academic Requirement: Completion of 10+2 level education with at least a second division or an equivalent qualification recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  5. 10+2 Management and Science Program

    • Academic Requirement: Completion of the SEE/SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination with at least a second division or an equivalent qualification recognized by the National Examination Board (NEB).
    • Examination Requirement: Must have passed the entrance exam conducted by the respective department.

Courses Offered

1. B.Sc. (General) in Physics and Biology Programs

  • B.Sc. in Physics: This program offers in-depth knowledge in the field of physics, covering fundamental concepts, theories, and practical applications. It is designed for students interested in exploring the principles governing the natural world and the universe.
  • B.Sc. in Biology: This course focuses on the study of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, and distribution. Ideal for students fascinated by the biological sciences and the study of life.

2. B.Sc. CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology)

  • This program combines the study of computer science and information technology. It covers topics like programming, database management, software development, networking, and cybersecurity. It is suitable for students aiming for careers in the rapidly evolving tech industry.

3. BIM (Bachelor of Information Management)

  • The BIM course integrates information technology with business management. It is designed for students looking to develop expertise in managing information systems, data analysis, and understanding the business implications of technology.

4. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

  • This undergraduate program offers comprehensive knowledge in computer applications and software development. It covers programming languages, database management, software engineering, and web technology, making it ideal for aspiring software developers and IT professionals.

5. 10+2 Management

  • This pre-university program provides foundational knowledge in business and management. It includes subjects like accounting, economics, marketing, and business studies, preparing students for undergraduate studies in business and management.

6. 10+2 Science

  • The 10+2 Science program offers a comprehensive curriculum in physical and biological sciences. It includes subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, preparing students for further studies in engineering, medicine, or pure sciences.


  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • National Examinations Board (NEB)

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