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Rambhadevi College, established in 2059, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing technical education and social welfare programs to meet the needs of Nepalese society. Registered with the company register office, the college has gained a reputation for academic excellence and has made impressive progress over the years.

Academic Excellence

In 2061, Rambhadevi College launched the Health Assistant (HA) program in Butwal with 40 students, which is now the single most institution to provide the course. Today, the college has five streams running with over 400 students per year. Rambhadevi College of Medical Science offers a Diploma program in Health Assistant and Medical Lab Technician with an enrollment capacity of 40 and 30 respectively. To date, the college has produced the 11th batch of HA, 2nd batch of lab assistants (CMLT), and 6th batch of lab technicians.

Rambha Devi Technical College offers a Diploma in Civil Engineering (civil overseer) and Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering (civil sub-overseer) courses under CTEVT.

Student Diversity and Extracurricular Activities

Rambhadevi College attracts students from over 40 districts in Nepal. The curriculum includes cultural and sports activities as an integral part of the college's mission. The institution provides incentives in the form of scholarship grants to deserving students.

Mission and Objectives

Rambhadevi College's mission is to equip students with the best education, knowledge, and skills, instill in them values of self-discipline, professionalism, and integrity, and enhance their desire to make a positive contribution to society and the country.

The college's objectives include:

  • Producing competitive manpower in the field of health science and technology.
  • Producing competent technical manpower.
  • Improving the general health status of the people by providing high-quality human resources.
  • Conducting short and long-term training courses and workshops in technical fields.
  • Providing opportunities for economically and socially deprived people through training and community services.


Rambhadevi College offers various salient features that enhance the student experience, including transportation, cafeteria, sports, and academic sessions. These features allow students to focus on their studies, have access to food and beverages, engage in physical activity, build social connections, and plan their schedules accordingly.

Transport, cafeteria, sports, and academic sessions are some of the salient features that enhance the overall student experience at Rambhadevi College.


Rambhadevi College provides its own buses and transport facilities to ensure that students can attend classes regularly and punctually. This feature ensures that students can focus on their studies without worrying about transportation.


The institute canteen is open on all working days and offers tea, coffee, cold drinks, and snacks at very reasonable prices. This feature allows students to have access to food and beverages without leaving the campus, saving them time and effort.


Rambhadevi College recognizes the contribution of sports to the overall personality of students, benefiting physical and mental health, leadership, sportsmanship, perseverance, and cooperation. The institute has vast playing fields for sports such as football, volleyball, and cricket, and indoor games such as chess, table tennis, carom, and ludo. This feature allows students to engage in physical activity and build social connections through sports.

Academic Session

The admission process at Rambhadevi College starts in the month of Bhadra, and the academic session begins in the month of Ashwin. This feature ensures that students can plan their schedules accordingly and are aware of the start date of the academic session.


Rambhadevi College offers admission to its various faculties based on certain guidelines and requirements. Here's a breakdown of the admission guidelines:

Three-Year Programme:

Health Faculty: Minimum 2 GPA with 'C' Grade in Math, Science, and English

Engineering Faculty: Minimum 1.6 GPA with 'C' Grade in Math and Science, 'D+' in English

18-Month Pre-Diploma Level Programme:

SEE appeared candidates are eligible to apply.

Application Requirements:

Candidates must provide the following documents:

  • SEE Certificate/Marksheet
  • Character Certificate
  • Citizenship

Candidates must fill the prescribed application forms issued by CTEVT, which are made available through Rambhadevi College. The completed forms must be returned to the college within the stipulated date specified in the admission notice.

Entrance Test and Schedule:

CTEVT will conduct a written test in the subjects of Math, Science, and English, with 20 marks allotted to each subject.

Rambhadevi College offers admission to its various faculties based on specific guidelines and requirements. Aspiring students must meet the minimum GPA and grade requirements or be eligible based on their SEE results. Candidates must provide the necessary documents and fill the prescribed application forms before the stipulated date. The entrance test will be conducted by CTEVT, and the schedule will be communicated to the candidates in due course.


Rambhadevi College recognizes and supports deserving students who have the potential to excel academically but are financially constrained. The college provides scholarships to eligible students as per the rules and regulations set by CTEVT.

Students who meet the criteria for full scholarship, which are classified and intelligent, will be awarded the scholarship. The scholarship covers the entire course fee and other related expenses as per the CTEVT regulations.

The college also provides incentives to deserving students who exhibit exceptional performance in academics, extracurricular activities, and community service. These incentives include scholarship grants, fee waivers, and other benefits, as per the college's policy.

Overall, Rambhadevi College values and supports deserving students and provides scholarships and incentives to help them achieve their academic goals. The scholarships are classified and intelligent, and they cover the entire course fee and other expenses as per the CTEVT regulations. Students who demonstrate exceptional performance can also receive additional incentives from the college.

Contact Details:

Rambhadevi College of Medical Sciences

Butwal-12, Tamnagar, Rupandehi

Contact No. : 071-450310, 9802670100, 9867220475, 9824465100

Email: [email protected]



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