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Janasewa Secondary School, Kathmandu

Ten Plus Two (+2) Education

Affiliated To: National Examinations Board (NEB)


+2 Education

Course Level



2 Years

Study Mode

Full Time




Ministry of Education


Ten Plus Two (+2) Education at Janasewa Secondary School

Course Overview

The Ten Plus Two (+2) Education program at Janasewa Secondary School, Panga, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, affiliated with the National Examinations Board (NEB), Nepal, is designed to prepare students for a career in the education sector. The program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent and effective educators.

Course Outlines

The curriculum covers a range of subjects such as Educational Psychology, Teaching Pedagogy, Instructional Planning, Classroom Management, and Special Education. It also includes modules in English, Nepali, and Mathematics.


This is a full-time, two-year program encompassing class 11 and 12. It follows an annual exam system with the final exam conducted at the end of class 12.


  1. To equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel as educators.
  2. To instill a deep understanding of the psychological, pedagogical, and sociological aspects of education.
  3. To promote a culture of lifelong learning and professional development.


Candidates who have successfully completed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC)/Secondary Education Examination (SEE) or equivalent are eligible to apply for this course.

Fee Structure

For detailed information about the fee structure, candidates should contact the school's administration office.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  1. Possess a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of effective teaching.
  2. Be able to apply knowledge of educational psychology in teaching and learning situations.
  3. Understand the needs of diverse learners and adapt teaching methods accordingly.

Scope & Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can expect to find opportunities in schools, colleges, educational research institutions, and educational consulting firms. They can also venture into the fields of educational administration and policy-making.

Career Options

Career options for graduates include roles as Teachers, Educational Consultants, School Administrators, and Curriculum Developers.

Why Choose this Course

This course is perfect for individuals who are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to shaping the minds of future generations. It provides a strong foundation for a rewarding career in education and can open doors to higher academic pursuits in the field.

What After

After completing this course, students can opt for a Bachelor's degree in Education or a related field. They can also enter the professional world as qualified educators.


Janasewa Secondary School offers scholarships to deserving and economically disadvantaged students. For more information on scholarships, students are advised to contact the administration office.

In a nutshell, the Ten Plus Two (+2) Education program at Janasewa Secondary School provides an excellent opportunity for students aspiring to become effective educators and make a difference in the world of education.

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