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CTEVT Call to Submit Diploma Level Semester Exam Application Form

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Urgent Notification from CTEVT: Application Form for Diploma Level Semester Examination

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has published an urgent notification regarding the regular/partial examination application form for the Diploma in Engineering, Food and Technology, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Agriculture (Plant Science and Animal Science), Entrepreneurship Development, and Social Works programs.

Examination Schedule:

The regular and partial examination for the first year first section of all registered programs from academic session 2075/076 (2017 AD) will be conducted in the month of 2080 Baishakh. The last date to submit the examination application form for regular fees is Wednesday, 2079/012/22, and for late fees is Wednesday, 2079/12/29.

Application Form and Conditions:

The concerned educational institutions must print the regular/partial examination application form from ITMS Online for all registered candidates on white A4 size paper for regular and yellow for partial and distribute them among the candidates.

The regular examination fee is Rs. 500 for council, partnership, and government/community schools, and the examination fee towards the semester system is Rs. 2,000. The late fee will be charged if the form is not entered in the Web-based ITMS Online System within the regular fee time.

The examination fee for one subject only for partial candidates is Rs. 300, and for each additional subject, it is Rs. 150 in the regular fee. In the late fee, each examinee will have to pay twice the prescribed fee.

The educational institution must create separate files of subject regular and partial and new and old courses, attach the fee payment receipts, and register them in the provincial offices of the council within the specified date.

The concerned educational institutes must submit the examination application form fee to the concerned council, the provincial office at the same time, and the delay examination application form must be deposited in the bank account of the concerned state office on the day after the last date of regular fee payment and the last day of late fee payment.


Examination fees will not be charged to candidates who have received Jehendar and classified (free) scholarships on the regular side. Only trainees who have registered in academic session 2075 (2017 AD) will be allowed to fill the examination application form.

It is crucial for educational institutions to fill the examination application form within the specified time to avoid disqualification of trainees. The guidelines and conditions mentioned in the notification must be strictly followed, and fees must be submitted on time.