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CTEVT Diploma Level Exam Application Process Update 2081

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CTEVT Diploma Level Exam Application Process Update 2081

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has announced crucial details for students enrolled in various Diploma programs regarding the upcoming semester examination application process. This information is vital for candidates from the constituent, partnership, community schools, and private educational institutions affiliated with CTEVT. Below are the key points and deadlines for the application submission:

  • Programs Included:

    • Engineering (Civil, Automobile, Geomatics, Electrical, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
    • Information Technology
    • Food and Dairy Technology
    • Hotel Management
    • Social Work
    • Entrepreneurship Development
    • Agriculture (Crop Science and Animal Science)
  • Examination Application Deadlines:

    • Regular Fee Deadline: All applications must be submitted by the 16th of Baisakh 2081.
    • Late Fee Deadline: Applications submitted between the 17th and 23rd of Baisakh 2081 will incur late fees.
  • Special Scholarship Programs: This notice also encompasses students under special scholarship programs for technical education targeting Dalit, Muslim, and other disadvantaged groups or municipalities lacking access to technical education. These programs include specialized streams in Civil Engineering (Hydropower), Biomedical Engineering, and more.

  • Examination Schedule: The regular examinations for the third year first section and first and second sections of some engineering programs are scheduled for the month of Jestha 2081. Specific dates will be shared closer to the examination period.

  • Submission Requirements: It is mandatory for the educational institutions to ensure all eligible students fill out their examination applications within the specified time frame to avoid missing out on their examinations.

  • Additional Information: Students and institutions can find more details and the application forms on the official CTEVT website. It is critical to adhere to these timelines to ensure participation in the examinations.


1) Regular/partial exam application form of the candidates of all the programs registered from ITMS Online from the academic session 2075/076 (2018 AD) by Shikshalaya and distributed to the candidates by logging in from ITMS Online on white A4 size paper for regulars and yellow for partials. will have to.

2) In case of semester examination system of educational institutions run in partnership with religious, community and council on regular basis Rs. 500 and in case of private educational institutions Rs. 2,000 and a late fee of twice the regular examination fee per student will have to be paid. Also, if the form is not entered in the web based online system within the regular fee time, a late fee will also be charged.

3) In case of partial candidates, the examination fee for one theoretical or practical subject is Rs. 300 and for each additional theoretical or practical subject Rs. 150 per student will have to pay twice the regular fee and late fee.

4) Separate files of subject regular and partial and new and old courses when the relevant educational institutions submit the examination application form.

The fee payment receipt must be attached and registered at the provincial offices of the Council within the specified date.

5) The related educational institutions must deposit the amount in the bank account of the respective state office and upload the complete bank voucher to ITMS Online on the day after the last date of regular fee payment and the last day of late fee payment.

6) Examination fee will not be charged to the candidates who have received regular scholarship and classified scholarship.

7) In the case of partial candidates, only students who have been admitted and registered from the academic session 2075/76 (2018 AD) will be allowed to fill the examination application form. The online application forms of all the programs should be entered in the web based online system and the overall programmatic forms should be arranged in order and a copy of the printed copy should be attached in the same file.

8) In the case of partial examinees, only the score of the internal assessment of the failed (NQ) examinees in the internal assessment examination should be submitted in the examination form and in the Web based online system by printing a copy and submitting it correctly.

9) The examination application forms of the examinees of the annual/semester examination system on the regular side should be entered in the Web-based online system, sorted according to the order of the form, the Internal Assessment according to the program and the printed copy of the aggregate form should be attached in the same file.

10) Only candidates who pass the internal assessment test will be allowed to join the final test. If the candidates who have failed in the internal evaluation examination (NQ) appear in the examination mentioning the failed subject, their examination of that subject will be automatically cancelled.

11) In the case of students registered from other educational institutions, the name of that institution should be mentioned in the examination application form and the transfer letter should be attached.

12) The bank account details of the provincial offices of the council where the amount is deposited are as follows.


(a) CTEVT, Koshi Province Office, Itahari, Sunsari: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Itahari Branch, Current Account Number 2550100001278001,

(b) CTEVT, Madhesh Pradesh Office, Janakpur, Dhanusha Rastriya Banijya Bank, Janakpur Branch, Current Account Number 1520100002639001,

(c) CTEVT, Bagmati Province Office, Makwanpur, Hetaunda: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Hetaunda Branch, Current Account Number 1300100003669001,

(d) CTEVT, Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara, Kaski: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Pardi, Pokhara Branch, Current Account Number 3500100000234001,

(e) CTEVT, Lumbini Province Office, Butwal, Rupandehi: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Butwal Branch, Current Account Number 3360100000361001,

(f) CTEVT, Karnali Province Office, Birendranagar, Surkhet: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Surkhet Branch, Current Account Number 4080100015528001,

(g) CTEVT, Far West Pradesh Office, Dhangadhi, Kailali: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Dhangadhi Branch, Current Account Number 4170100006508001 The gross receipt of fee deposited will have to be attached with the examination application form. You will have to pay double the prescribed inter-monthly fee.

1) The trainees should submit the application form for the concerned school examination by 2081/01/04 till 3:00 pm on 2081/01/16.

2) Regular fee for online entry in ITMS in schools will be till 2081/01/10 till 2081/01/16,

3) Last date for regular fee for school examination application fee and bank admission is 2081/01/17,

4) Trainees have to submit late fee examination application form to the concerned school dated 2081/01/17 till 2081/01/23,

5) Late fee for online entry in ITMS in educational institutions till 2081/01/17 till 2081/01/23,

6) Last date for admission in school late fee bank till 24/01/2081,

7) Symbol no. Since lump sum has to be generated, the regular fee has to be paid within the examination application form dated 2081/01/16 and dated 2081/01/23

Educational institutions will have to enter the late fee through web based online system.

8) All educational institutions will compulsorily complete the training work as per the syllabus determined for the course.

9) The examination application forms filled with regular and late fee will have to be submitted together in the concerned Province office before 2081/01/25. You can read this information at

(Published on: 2081/01/04)