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CTEVT Notice for Special Technical Education Scholarship Program Registration Form

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Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Urgent Notice for Diploma / Certificate Level and Pre-Diploma Level Special Technical Education Scholarship Program Registration Form 

Admission of Special Technical Education Scholarships taken for Diploma / Certificate Level / Pre-Diploma Level Academic Session 2077/78 in the educational institutions which have been sanctioned for conducting programs at CTEVT's constituent and Partnership level under Special Technical Education Scholarship Program as provided in the budget and program of Government of Nepal. This information has been published for the information of all the educational institutions concerned who have been recommended in the process and completed the registration form of the special technical education scholarship program of the enrolled students and submitted it to the examination control office of the council. If the registration form is not submitted within the stipulated time, all concerned will be informed about the non-registration process later.


1) Special Technical in Diploma / Certificate level and Pre-Diploma level as recommended by the Examination Control Office in the month of Asar 2070.

Only students enrolled in the Education Scholarship Program will need to fill out a registration form.

2) The number of students should be only according to the quota approved by the council.

3) For Diploma / Certificate level, the educational institution has to pay a registration fee of Rs. 2,500 and institutional development fee of Rs. 2,000.- The amount will have to be deposited.


4) For pre-diploma level technical SLC level, the educational institution registration fee is Rs. 500 and institutional development fee per student fee of Rs. 2,000 will have to be deposited.

5) The registration form is available on the website of the Examination Control Office at The following documents along with the registration file should be attached in the mandatory form.

A) Certified copy of the result of the entrance examination along with the registration form.

B) Copy of Certificate of Educational Qualification (SLC / SEE).

C) Copy of citizenship / birth certificate.

D) Original copy of the entrance letter of the entrance examination, as well as in case of the students who have passed the technical SLC, the original certificate of passing the technical SLC and a copy of the transcript.

E) In case of those who have passed SEE or similar examination from a country other than Nepal, the certificate of board, certificate of merit, certificate of character, migration certificate, equivalence certificate and copy of citizenship should be submitted in order.

F) In case of trainees who have passed the entrance examination from one educational institution and are enrolled in any program of another educational institution, photocopy of the result of passing the entrance examination, original admission card of the entrance examination and consent letter of the concerned educational institution must be submitted along with the form.

6) Registration Forms. Entry the registration form in Web Based Online System. You have to print the aggregate form according to the program and attach it to the file with the correct stamp.

7) CTEVT, Examination Control Office, Diploma and Certificate Level Entrance Examination, Scholarship Distribution and Admission Guidelines-2074 (Fourth Resource) 2 Pre-Diploma Level Entrance Examination, Scholarship Distribution and Admission Guidelines-2077 (First Amendment).

8) Date of submission of registration form and registration fee by educational institutions -

Date 2078-8-24 to 2078-09-15 for the trainees to submit the registration form to the concerned educational institution.

Date of Online Registration Entry in Educational Institution ITMS from 2078-09-05 to 2078-09-15

Educational Institutions must submit the registration form, fee voucher and details of the students to the concerned provincial office of the council on 2078-09-18 within office hours.

9) For other detailed information please contact the Examination Control Office's website or the Examination Control Office or the concerned Provincial Office of the Council.

Notice Published date: 2078-08-24