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CTEVT Published Written Examination Routine and Center of Various Positions

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CTEVT Building

The examination schedule of the internal and open competitive written examination is to be conducted by the Public Service Commission, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Recruitment Committee, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

According to the approval from the Public Service Commission, the written test of the candidates who have applied for the posts to be filled through open competitive examination and internal competitive examination in the following service, group, sub-group, and category posts vacant in the offices under CTEVT and CTEVT as per the notification published in Gorkhapatra Daily dated 24-24-2076 The program was ordered to be kept as it is by the order of the honorable Supreme Court dated 2076-11-30.

According to the order dated 2079-02-16 of the Honorable Supreme Court, the said case has been withdrawn. Consent has been received from the Public Service Commission to conduct the examination program on the date and time as per the schedule.

This notice is published for the information of all concerned. In addition, the website of the information council office is also informed.


2) As no candidate will be admitted to the examination without admit card; It is mandatory to bring the admit card with you and arrive at the examination hall at least 1 hour before the commencement of the examination.

3) It is prohibited to carry bags, mobile phones, and other electronic devices in the examination hall.

4) Even if there is an unexpected holiday on the day of the examination, the scheduled examination program will not be postponed without prior notice from the Commission.

5) When writing the answer to the objective multiple choice question, only the answer written in capital letters A, B, C, and D will be recognized.

6) Along with the admit card issued by the relevant body, you must bring your citizenship or an identity card issued by the government of Nepal.

7) The examination will be conducted in compliance with the norms related to Examination (Operation and Management), 2077 (with amendments) issued by the Commission in special cases of transition.

8) All the examinees must compulsorily fill out the self-declaration form regarding their health condition related to covid on the website of the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)

9) As a special examination center will be arranged for the candidates infected with Covid-19, such candidates should inform the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in advance that they are infected.

Additional Information that candidates should consider staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:

a) Before entering the examination center, the candidate must wear a mask and bring sanitizer and drinking water for his purpose.

b) Candidates should arrive at the examination center 1 hour before the scheduled time for the examination.

c) Candidates should go to the designated place in order while entering, exiting and using the toilet without crowding and maintaining a distance of 2 (two meters).

d) Candidates should not gather in groups, talk.

e) The human resources assigned to the examination should fully comply with the instructions given.

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