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Far Western University: Postponed exams to be held online

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Far-Western University Building

After the second variant of the Corona epidemic spread, the examinations and teaching activities of the Far Western University, which were postponed, will be conducted through alternative means. As per the decision of the meeting of the University Executive Council, the postponed examinations will be held through alternative means (Online).

The second, fourth, and sixth-semester examinations of the bachelor's level will be conducted from July 20 (2078 Shrawan 5), said Govinda Ballabh Pant, chief of the general administration division of the university. According to the information issued by the central office of the university after the meeting, the classes of the previous semester will be conducted for the students of Bachelor Level 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester from June 8 (2078 Jestha 25).

As the risk of corona infection and prohibition also continues, reading and examination are being done through alternative means. However, if the situation is normal and the Nepal government decides, the class and scheduled examinations will be conducted physically, the university said.

The Examination Control Office has stated that it will prepare the working procedure for the examination to be conducted through an alternative medium by mid-June and necessary preparations for conducting the examination by July 4 (2078 Ashad 20). Question papers will be prepared in the form of written and oral and analytical answers to the students.

After preparing for the exam through online technology, the student will be given a mock test. As the university has now purchased Microsoft software, the examination will be conducted through it. In the case of Master level, the students of the second semester will be placed in the third semester on June 8 (2078 Jestha 25), and the examination of the second and fourth semester will be conducted from August 8 (2078 Shrawan 24) through alternative means.

Uttam Bhandari, head of Patan Multiple Campus Baitadi, said that preparations have been started as per the notice issued by the central office. He said, "We have also started preparations for conducting classes and conducting examinations. We have held a zoom meeting on Sunday."

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