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Karnali Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog 5th Level Mahila Bikas Nirikshak Written Exam Center

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Karnali Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog

Advertisement No. 515-516 / 078-79 (open/inclusive) operated by Province Public Service Commission, Karnali Province, Surkhet; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned as the competitive written examination of all the candidates whose online application form for the post of Assistant Level 5, Women Development Inspector (Mahila Bikas Nirikshak) has been approved will be conducted as per the pre-determined examination schedule at the following date, time and place.

Note: (Subjects must be followed by the examinees)

  • Admission tickets will not be included in the examination. Candidates who need a copy of the admission card must get the admit card from this office one day before the compulsory examination. You have to arrive at the examination center 1 (one) hour before the start of the examination.
  • When you come to take the exam, you must be present with the original certificate of Nepali citizenship or any identity card with a photo issued by the Government of Nepal, otherwise, you will not be included in the exam.
  • The instructions given by the manpower deployed in the examination should be followed completely.
  • It is forbidden to carry bags, mobiles, and other electronic devices in the examination building.
  • Only a black ink/dot pen should be used in the exam.
  • Candidates must enter the examination center wearing a mask.
  • When entering the examination center, using the toilet, and leaving the examination center, physical distance should be maintained between each other.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to work in groups.
  • As a special examination center has been set up at the Provincial Public Service Commission, Surkhet for the patients infected with Kovid-19, the concerned candidates are advised to contact this office (Phone No. 083-590300 / 590301 or email - [email protected]).7

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Karnali Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog

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