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Nepali Army Recruitment Billadar Post Practical Exam Schedule

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepali Army Recruitment: Essential Information for Billadar Post Practical Exam

The Nepali Army Recruitment Selection Directorate at Jangi Adda has recently issued an important notice regarding the practical examination for candidates vying for Billadar positions in various technical, air, and miscellaneous services. This pivotal step in the recruitment process is critical for those who have successfully passed the written test conducted by the Public Service Commission. Here's what you need to know:

  • Schedule and Venue Details: The practical test is scheduled as per the attached timetable. Candidates must be aware of the date, time, and location specified for their examination. It's essential to keep this schedule handy to ensure timely participation in the practical examination.

  • Mandatory Attendance with Identification: This examination is a crucial phase in the selection process. All concerned candidates, who have cleared the written examination, are required to participate. Make sure to carry the identity card issued by the Recruitment Selection Directorate for verification purposes.

  • Instructions for Examination Day:

    • Arrival Time: Punctuality is key. Candidates must arrive at the examination center before the scheduled time. For those assigned to the Jangi Adda center, the meeting point is the square in front of the Sainik Central Library at Bhadrakali.
    • Dress Code: Appearance matters. Candidates applying through the open category should dress formally and respectfully, while incumbent candidates are required to wear field dress.
    • Examination Materials: Come prepared. Candidates need to bring their own writing materials and any other necessary items for the practical exam.
  • Accessing the Notification and Further Queries:

    • Official Notification: The full details of this notice can be found under 'EXAM NOTICES' on the official portal of the Directorate of Recruitment Selection, which is
    • Contact Information: For additional information or queries, reach out to the directorate at 01-5979478 or 01-4246950 during office hours.
  • Notice Date: The notice was published on 2080/09/25, as per the Nepali calendar.

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