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Purbanchal University VC Post Shortlisted Candidates Interview Schedule

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Purbanchal University Building

Notification of the selection and recommendation committee formed to recommend names for the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of Purbanchal University

This notification has been published for the information of all concerned as the presentation of the following candidates whose applications have been accepted for the appointment to the vacant post of Vice-Chancellor of the Purbanchal University will be made in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as per the schedule below.

Interview Date: 2080 Chaitra 27 (from 11 am)

  • Shubh Narayan Pathak
  • Anil Kumar Pokhel
  • Jeevan Kumar Dhakal
  • Ashok Kumar Jha
  • Guru Prasad Khanal
  • Pramod Kumar Jha
  • Biju Kumar Thapaliya

Interview Date: 2080 Chaitra 28 (from 11 AM onwards)

  • Binod Parajuli
  • Devi Prasad Bhattarai
  • Rajnarayan Yadav
  • Narendra Katuwal
  • Umesh Koirala

Interview Date: 2080 Chaitra 29 (from 11 am)

  • Sanjesh Prasad Koirala
  • Raj Kumar Pokhel
  • Resham Bahadur Thapa
  • Ramesh Prasad Bhattarai
  • Mahesh Raj Dahal

(Published date: 2080/12/18)

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