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Revised Guidelines for Examinees of Public Service Commission Examinations

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Revised Guidelines for Examinees of Public Service Commission Examinations

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is a government agency that conducts various recruitment exams for the public service sector. As a candidate, it is essential to adhere to certain guidelines and follow specific procedures to ensure a smooth application process and examination experience.

(a) Points to be Noted While Filling the Application Form

  1. Check the annual schedule of the PSC and determine the time of advertisement.
  2. Provide accurate details such as educational qualifications, citizenship certificate, scanned photograph, and signature, among others. Upload the necessary documents within the specified time mentioned in the advertisement.
  3. Verify all the details before submitting the application. Fill the application form yourself as much as possible, and confirm the examination center's location for the advertisement in which the form has been filled.
  4. Submit any additional documents requested by the commission immediately.
  5. The Commission provides one Master ID per candidate, which should be noted and saved along with the username and password.
  6. After submitting the application form, check the acceptance or non-acceptance of the online application. Print the admit card number and keep it safe.

(b) Matters to be Observed While Giving the Examination

  1. Stay updated with the commission's website to access the list of approved candidates, examination center, date, and time.
  2. An hour before the examination, bring the admit card, identity card, citizenship, or any other government-issued identity card to the designated examination center.
  3. Participate in the examination only at the prescribed examination center.
  4. Verify the advertisement number, service, group cluster, and roll number before signing the attendance sheet.
  5. If needed, obtain a writer's assistant by submitting a Disability Identity Card in Office/Branch or medical report with the commission ten days before the examination.
  6. Contact the office/branch conducting the examination in advance for candidates who need to move with the help of a wheelchair.
  7. Confirm the room number by checking the details of the candidates pasted at the gate of the designated examination center. Enter the examination hall after the entrance bell, and make sure the answer sheet is correct and has no tear or missing pages.
  8. Study the instructions given on the answer sheet carefully.
  9. Fill in the correct details such as Ad Number, Name, Roll Number, and Master ID.
  10. For objective multiple-choice tests, darken the correct option with black ink, and for material answer sheets, write the correct answer in capital letters in black ink. Double writing or making corrections after writing will result in negative marking.
  11. Avoid making any indications on the answer sheet that reveal your identity. Write your name, roll number, and Master ID in the answer sheet.
  12. Any irregularity in the examination such as stealing examination papers, impersonation, or using electronic devices will result in the cancellation of the answer sheet and a ban from participating in the examination conducted by the Commission for a specified period.
  13. Candidates should not bring any kind of electronic gadgets, smartwatches, calculators or any other prohibited items inside the examination hall. Candidates should also not bring any kind of paper or notes with them, except for the admit card and identification card.
  1. If the candidate finishes the exam early, he/she should not leave the exam hall immediately. The candidate should wait for the completion of the entire exam time and then leave the hall only after submitting the answer sheet.
  1. Any kind of misconduct, such as disturbing other candidates, using unfair means or creating a disturbance during the exam, will result in the cancellation of the candidate's answer sheet and further action will be taken by the Commission.

(c) Points to be considered after the examination

  1. After the exam is over, the answer sheet of the candidate will be checked by the Commission. The Commission will publish the result after checking the answer sheet.
  1. If the candidate wants to make any complaint regarding the examination, he/she should submit the complaint within 7 (seven) days from the date of publication of the result.
  1. The candidate should keep the admit card and other documents safely until the entire examination process is completed.
  1. The candidates who pass the written examination should be present at the interview and submit the original copy of the educational qualifications, citizenship certificate, and other required documents at the time of the interview.
  1. The Commission reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary if any irregularity or fraudulent activity is found during the entire examination process.

(d) General points to be noted

  1. Candidates should follow the instructions given by the Commission during the examination and interview process.
  2. Candidates should not bring any unauthorized materials or electronic devices during the examination or interview.
  3. Candidates should regularly check the website of the Commission for any updates regarding the examination or interview process.
  4. Candidates should maintain the decorum of the examination and interview centers and behave appropriately.
  5. Candidates who have any complaints or grievances regarding the examination or interview process can submit their complaints to the Commission in writing within the prescribed time.

(e) Matters to be observed while conducting the interview:

1. Complete certificate of documents: It is important to bring all necessary documents such as educational qualification certificates, experience certificates, citizenship certificates, appointment letters, and certificates of inclusiveness that are required to be submitted within the period specified in the notification regarding the publication of the result of the written examination.

2. Document verification: The Commission may ask for the verification of the documents mentioned in point 1 at any time, so all documents should be kept ready before the interview and submitted when requested. This includes submitting two copies of the documents attested by the candidate himself and duly filled in the prescribed form.

3. Punctuality: Candidates should attend the interview 1 hour before the scheduled time.

(f) Miscellaneous:

1. Stay updated: Public Service Commission examination results, and other related programs are updated daily. Therefore, candidates are advised to visit the Commission's website at to get information about the latest activities of the Commission.

Overall, Public Service Commission Exam candidates should carefully follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the Commission before, during, and after the examination to ensure a smooth and successful examination process. Any kind of misconduct or irregularity can result in the cancellation of the candidate's answer sheet and further action by the Commission.

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