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Education Journalists' Group Celebrates 25 Years of Celebration

News 18 Feb 2024 170 0

Education Journalists Group Celebrates 25 Years of Celebration

Education Journalists' Group Celebrates 25 Years of Celebration

The Education Journalists' Group, a cornerstone in the realm of education journalism, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. This silver jubilee marked a quarter-century of dedicated reporting and analysis on education issues, highlighting the group's enduring commitment to enhancing public awareness and understanding of educational developments.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Honoring Educational Contributions: The celebration was highlighted by the presentation of awards and honors to five distinguished individuals and entities, recognizing their significant contributions to education.
  • Special Recognition: Thakurababa Municipality of Bardia received accolades for its pioneering work in offering free education since 2023, setting a benchmark for accessible education.
  • Journalistic Excellence: Shridhar Paudel from was honored with the Best Education Journalism Award 2080, in memory of Tirtharaj Bhusal, for his two-decade-long efforts to improve public education in Nepal through journalism.
  • Creative Teaching Award: Milsana Mahato of National Basic School Madi Chitwan and Rachna Dewan of Bhawani Basic School, Ilam, were recognized for their innovative approaches to teaching in community schools. Rajkumar Thapa, representing Siddhi Ganesh Mavi Kageshwari Manohara, Kathmandu, was also honored for exemplary school management.

Insightful Discussions on School Education Bill

  • Engaging Debate: An interview session with members of the Parliamentary Committee delved into the complexities of the School Education Bill, featuring insights from Education Committee Chairman Joshi and committee member Pandey.
  • Addressing Controversies: Committee member Pandey outlined the challenges in reconciling conflicting aspects of the bill, emphasizing the committee's commitment to refining the legislation through stakeholder engagement.
  • Government's Stance: Education Minister Ashok Kumar Rai underscored the constitutional mandate assigning school education to local governance, affirming the government's intention to expedite the bill's passage during the winter session.

The silver jubilee of the Education Journalists' Group not only celebrated its historical contributions to education journalism but also set the stage for thoughtful discourse on future educational policies. Through awards, recognitions, and critical discussions, the event underscored the ongoing need for quality journalism and innovative educational practices to navigate the evolving educational landscape in Nepal. This milestone event reaffirms the group's role in fostering an informed and engaged public dialogue on education.

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