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Education Minister Devendra Paudel Said Tribhuvan University is Center of Education

News 28 Aug 2022 715 0

Tribhuvan University Building

Education, Science, and Technology Minister Devendra Paudel has said that Tribhuvan University is the center of all education. On Friday, in a discussion with Tribhuvan University and its campus heads about 'Higher Education Reform, Possibilities and Challenges', Minister Paudel said that the university, which produces 80 percent of the country's manpower, is the center of education.

Stating that inconsistency is increasing in the university, he mentioned that the Ministry of Education is committed to improving it. He said that an initiative is being taken with the Ministry of Finance to solve the problem of part-time, contractual employees of the university.

He said that discussions are being held with the World Bank and ADB Bank regarding the construction of the physical infrastructure of the university and said that the government will build the building of the Trichandra campus.

In the discussion, the Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University Dharmakant Baskota said that the university is deteriorating due to political infighting. Baskota expressed the opinion that the university can be reformed together with the opposition party, stating that there is a lockout and slogan rally in the university under the guise of political parties.

During the discussion, the heads of the campuses in the valley said that when they go to the campus, they feel like they have gone to the battlefield.

Tribhuvan University