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Election Commission Asked for Clarification from CDPH-TU and IOM

News 20 Oct 2022 191 0

Tribhuvan University Building

The Election Commission has asked the Central Department of Public Health of Tribhuvan University (CDPH-TU) and the Institute of Medicine, Nepal (IOM) to submit a clarification within 24 hours against the code of conduct issued for the election of members of the House of Representatives and members of the Provincial Assembly to be held on November 22.

Informing the Election Commission of the clarification, reminding the Code of Conduct that no financial benefits and awards should be provided, including creating new posts, filling vacant posts, or increasing allowances, unless there is an obstacle to the University Service Commission and Teacher Service Commission's regular recruitment actions, and filling up positions in contract service started by those bodies. Isn't the process a regular process? The question has been asked. If not, what is the basis for not stopping the process? The Commission has asked for clarification.

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