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Gandaki Province Govt to Support 'Learning and Earning, Earning and Learning Program'

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Gandaki Province

Government of Gandaki Province to Support 'Learning and Earning, Earning and Learning Program' in Technical and Vocational Education

The Government of Gandaki Province is committed to promoting technical and vocational education within the public school system. In line with this objective, the government has outlined its plans in the annual policy and program for the financial year 2080/81. One of the key initiatives is the implementation of the 'Learning and Earning, Earning and Learning Program' in public schools that offer technical and vocational education.

Umbrella Law for Effective Technical Education Implementation

To ensure the effective implementation of technical education, the government aims to establish an umbrella law. This law will streamline the technical education system by providing a centralized approach to address issues related to technical education. It will encompass matters concerning educational institutions within the province, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), and private educational institutions. Through this one-door system, the government aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of technical education across the province.

Expanding Higher Education Access through Scholarships

In its policy and program, the Government of Gandaki Province emphasizes the importance of expanding access to higher education and increasing the completion rate among specific target groups of students. To achieve this, the government plans to develop and implement a scholarship procedure. This procedure will focus on supporting students from marginalized backgrounds, including the extremely poor, Dalits, people with disabilities, veterans, conflict victims, and the families of martyrs. By providing scholarships, the government aims to facilitate their participation in higher education and encourage their successful completion of academic programs.

Inclusion of Religious and Alternative Schools

Recognizing the diversity in educational institutions, the policy and program document highlights the need to mainstream religious schools and alternative schools. Institutions such as Gurukuls, Gumbas, Madrasahs, and Ashrams play a significant role in imparting education based on specific cultural or religious values. The government emphasizes the importance of incorporating these schools into the mainstream education system. By doing so, they aim to ensure equal opportunities and access to quality education for students attending religious and alternative schools.

Holistic Curriculum Development

The Government of Gandaki Province acknowledges the significance of a holistic approach to education. The policy and program emphasize the need for coordination between the government and local levels to enhance the school curriculum. This collaboration aims to incorporate various aspects, including moral education, art, language, culture, customs, costumes, caste, history, natural sciences, religious studies, mythological studies, literature, history, gender mainstreaming, and disaster risk management. By integrating these subjects into the curriculum, the government aims to provide students with a well-rounded education that encompasses diverse areas of knowledge and fosters their overall development.

Supporting Community Campuses and Special Education

To promote the development of community campuses, the Government of Gandaki Province has initiated the 'Province Government with Community Campuses' program. Through this program, community campuses within the province will receive grants based on their capacity and performance. This support aims to strengthen community-based educational institutions and enhance the quality of education they provide.

Furthermore, the policy and program document also recognizes the importance of inclusive education for children with intellectual disabilities. The government plans to establish residential schools in partnership with the federal government and local levels. These schools will be equipped with specialized facilities to cater to the unique needs of students with intellectual disabilities, ensuring their right to education.

Overall, the Government of Gandaki Province is dedicated to enhancing technical and vocational education, expanding access to higher education through scholarships, mainstreaming religious and alternative schools, developing a holistic curriculum, supporting community campuses, and promoting inclusive education. These initiatives aim to foster educational development, provide equal opportunities, and empower students from various backgrounds within the province.

Published on 8th June 2023

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