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Kanepokhari Rural Municipality to Provide Free Education to Students in Classes 11 and 12

News 13 Aug 2022 429 0

Kanepokhari Rural Municipality of Morang is going to provide free education to students studying in classes 11 and 12 in all government schools within the Rural Municipality. Kanepokhari Rural Municipality (Gaupalika) introduced the program 'Free Education Kanepokhari Rural Municipality's Desire' in its policies and programs for the current financial year.

Under the same program, the students of four schools within the municipality are going to be taught classes 11 and 12 for free, said Rural Municipality President Rajamati Ingnam.

According to him, this facility will be provided only to the students who live in the municipality and have passed SEE from the local schools. In Kanepokhari Rural Municipality, Janaseva Secondary School, Ramailo Multiple Campus, Shiksha Vikas Secondary School, and Shree Secondary School Hoklabari are having 11/12 classes. The municipality will provide Rs.1,000 for the enrollment fee and Rs.4,800 for monthly fee. Now the students will have to pay only the fees for uniform, books and registration.

Santosh Ghimire, the chief administrative officer of the municipality, said that this program was introduced with the aim that the students of Kanepokhari Rural Municipality can study under the direct supervision of their parents. At present, this facility will not be provided for students coming from outside. "Free of charge can attract everyone, so this program is targeted for students within the municipality," said Ghimire.

On the other hand, Damodar Sigdel, principal of Janseva Mavi, who is studying the technical subject of crop science, said, "There is no coordination with the school. Students of technical subjects should also get this facility but it has not been given," said Sigdel. The school is teaching plant science subject at 34 thousand rupees per year.

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