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Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality: Public Officials Required to Enroll Children in Public Schools

News 06 May 2023 468 0

Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality Map

Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok: Public Officials Required to Enroll Children in Public Schools

In an effort to enhance the educational system and promote the quality of education, Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality, Sindupalchok has recently implemented a decision that mandates parents holding public office to enroll their children in public schools. This decision, endorsed by the Village Education Committee, aims to bring about a positive transformation in community schools and ensure their better organization.

Under the new policy, all individuals occupying public positions within the municipality are required to submit notices confirming the enrollment of their children in public schools within a period of seven days. This initiative, spearheaded by the Education Committee, sets a precedent for government officials and serves as an example to the broader community.

Raju Lama, a member of the Education Committee, expressed his support for the decision and highlighted the significance of public officials leading by example. He disclosed that he had also enrolled his own children in public schools, emphasizing the importance of providing equal opportunities for all students and improving the overall educational landscape.

The Education Committee's recommendation, made on the 18th of Baishakh 2080, led to the village executive's decision to enforce the enrollment of children from public office holders in public schools. The notification issued clearly states that these children must be admitted to public schools within seven days from the date of publication, and the concerned individuals are required to provide the necessary information to the education branch.

By implementing this policy, Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality aims to foster a sense of community and equality within the educational system. It is expected that this decision will contribute to the overall development and improvement of public schools, resulting in a higher quality of education for all students.

Published on 6th May 2023


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