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Lok Sewa Aayog Bulletin 39 (2078 Chaitra 30)

News 13 Apr 2022 14478 0

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Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service Commission PSC) published Various notices dated 30th Chaitra 2078 (13th April 2022). Please Click Here to Download

1) Notification of promotion through seniority and performance appraisal: 2-3

(A) Gazetted Unnumbered Second Class (Technical)

2) Advertisement 4-11

(A) Gazetted unnumbered second class, open and inclusive (technical)

(B) Health care, fourth level open and inclusive

3) Interview information 11-12

 (A) Various groups of Agricultural Services, Gazetted First Class, Joint Secretary or similar (Internal Competition and Open)

(B) Forest Service, various groups, Gazetted First class, joint secretary or so (open)

 (C) Education Services, Education Administration Group, Gazetted First Class, Joint Secretary or So (Internal Competition)

4) Information regarding recommendation 13

(A) Different groups of healthcare, subgroups, eleventh level (Internal Competition, open and inclusive).

5) Miscellaneous 14

 (A) Regarding the minimum educational qualification for promotion by seniority and performance appraisal of Non-Gazetted First Class (Technical) posts. Non-Gazetted Second Class (Technical) and 4th Level of Healthcare Internal Competition, Open and Inclusive Advertisement

(B) Suspended notice

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