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Lok Sewa Aayog Issued Press Release (25th July 2021)

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Lok Sewa Aayog Issued Press Release (25th July 2021)

It has been 30 (thirty) days since the current office bearers were reinstated in the Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog). This press release has been published with the objective of informing about the work done by the commission as per the 100 (one hundred) day action plan made public after taking office. The main performance are as follows:

1) The annual work schedule of the Fiscal Year 2078/79 related to the filling of posts of civil and organized organizations and security agencies have been approved and made public.

2) The written examination program of the remaining fiscal year 2078/79 has been fixed by the Commission and the information has been published. Exams are being conducted from this week.

3) In the Fiscal Year 2078/79, written examination has been conducted for Gazetted Class III (Technical / Non-technical), demand for various 59 advertisements at official level, 218 posts and demand for Non-Gazetted First Class, Nayab Subba or similar advertisements for 548 posts. The results of the competitive written examination have been published and the interview program has been fixed.

4) Written results have been published in the Fiscal Year 2077/78 and out of the remaining 15 candidates to be interviewed, 18 candidates have been recommended for interviewing the candidates selected from the written test in 15 advertisements.

5) Necessary action has been taken as per the decision of the court after a writ petition was filed in the esteemed Supreme Court regarding some advertisements of civil servants and organizations. In this connection, the application process has been informed in 45 advertisements of the civil service and the work is being carried out as per the decision of the organization.

6) The work of publishing the results of the written examination conducted for the advertisements of various organizations has been expedited. So far, the Nepal Police has published the results of the competitive written examination for a total of 6882 demand posts for 11 advertisements and 2 demand posts for 2 advertisements of the Alternative Energy Promotion Center.

7) The work of giving consent to the advertisement on the basis of the demand received from the organizations for the filling of posts has been resumed.

8) In order to inform the competitive written examination to be conducted by the Commission keeping in view the health problem of COVID-19, the criteria related to examination (operation and management) in special cases of transition, 2077 has been modified and implemented.

9) The office building of the Commission has been shifted from Anamnagar to the newly constructed building at Kamalpokhari.

10) The ground floor and first floor of Savik's office at Anamnagar have been converted into an examination center with a capacity of 400 examinees, while some of the rooms on the other floor have been converted into workshops for confidential performance of the Commission.

11) Promotion has been recommended by the Promotion Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Service Act, 2049 BS and Rules, 2050 BS and 11 Gazetted Special Category including the vacant post for a long time. Promotion Committees of other bodies have been actively informed to fill the vacancies.

12) The list (roster) of the Commission with the list of competent / experts has been modified and updated.

Lok Sewa Aayog

Lok Sewa Aayog

Anamnagar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951