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Lok Sewa Aayog Notice for Submitting Details of Vacant Posts for Organized Organizations

News 30 May 2023 654 0

Lok Sewa Aayog Notice for Submitting Details of Vacant Posts for Organized Organizations

Public Service Commission (PSC) Announcement: Submitting Details of Vacant Posts for Organized Organizations

 The Public Service Commission (PSC) is responsible for conducting written examinations to fill vacant posts in organized organizations as mandated by Article 243(2) of the Constitution of Nepal. In line with the law pertaining to the service conditions of employees in organized organizations and the principles related to promotion and departmental proceedings, all affiliated organizations have been notified to amend their rules and regulations accordingly.

Request for Details of Vacant Posts: Organized organizations intending to fill posts in the upcoming year (080/81) are required to provide the necessary information to the Security Agency and Organized Organizations Division (Exam Conducting Branch) located in Anamnagar. This information should include the details of the posts to be filled, the decision of the filling committee, and the proposed timetable. The deadline for submitting this information is 2080/3/15.

Importance of Timely Submission: It is crucial for the concerned organizations to submit the required details within the specified deadline. Failure to do so will result in the omission of the vacancy program of the organized organizations from the Commission's annual schedule. Therefore, prompt action is necessary to ensure inclusion in the schedule.

Submission Guidelines: To streamline the submission process, the Public Service Commission has provided the format for sending the details of the posts to be filled on its official website, Interested parties can download the form from the website and fill it out accordingly. In case of any further queries or clarifications, individuals can contact the Commission at 01-4771320.

Alternative Submission Method: Alternatively, organizations can also submit the required information via email. They can send the completed form and supporting documents to [email protected] for scheduling purposes.

Additional Information: Please note that the submission of these details is solely for the purpose of inclusion in the Commission's annual schedule. After the schedule is published within the specified time period, the Commission will request a detailed statement with percentage determination for the filling of posts.

The Public Service Commission urges all organized organizations seeking to fill vacant posts to promptly submit the necessary details along with the decision of the filling committee and proposed timetable. This will ensure the accurate inclusion of the vacancy program in the Commission's annual schedule, facilitating a transparent and efficient recruitment process. For further assistance, please refer to the provided contact information or visit the Commission's official website.

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