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Mansarovar Multiple Campus Starts Class after 9 Years

News 26 Jul 2023 644 0

Manasarowar Multiple Campus Humla

Revitalization of Mansarovar Multiple Campus: A New Dawn in Humla District's Education System

The Humla district's first community campus, Mansarovar Multiple Campus, has recently reopened, initiating educational programs after a hiatus of nearly a decade. Its revival, enabled by the arrangement of part-time professors, signifies an important turning point in the district's education landscape.

  • New Beginnings at Mansarovar Campus

Campus Head, Deepak Bhandari, explained that five part-time professors have been hired, marking the end of a long-standing closure since 2071. The challenges posed by being a community campus, including resource constraints, made it difficult to arrange regular professors previously. With the new arrangement, teaching and learning activities have resumed, sparking hope among students and educators alike.

On the first day of reopening, lectures were conducted in three out of the five subjects. Bhandari urged all enrolled students to consistently attend classes, fostering an atmosphere of engaged learning and academic exchange.

  • Revamping the Faculty of Education

At present, the reinvigorated focus is on the Faculty of Education. The campus management has introduced an array of subjects, including English, Nepali, health, and others. Additionally, a contractual agreement is in place to ensure fair remuneration for the part-time professors upon course completion.

  • Infrastructure and Resource Management

To ensure smooth operations and basic amenities, the campus plans to manage water supply through grants from the rural municipality, Tribhuvan University, and students' fees.

  • Future Endeavors and Expansion

With an enrollment of 223 students for four-year undergraduate courses, the campus has also announced imminent teaching in the humanities and social faculties. This community campus was established in 2066, and during its initial five years, regular lectures were held with properly arranged professors.

Despite previous class closures, students maintained their connection with the campus through various activities like new and old admissions, exam form submissions, and examination attendance. In a further expansion of academic programs, the campus has commenced postgraduate studies from this academic session, with 45 students already enrolled.

The revitalization of Mansarovar Multiple Campus is not just about reopening an institution; it's about restoring faith in education, fostering community engagement, and creating new possibilities for students in the Humla district.

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