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Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Published Bulletin 2079 Magh 1

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Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Published Bulletin 2079 Magh 1: Child Development Center, Pre-primary class operation and student enrollment in Class 1, all local levels, Education Development and Coordination Unit all,

The age from pregnancy to 8 years is the time of early child development and children of this age group should be more involved in activities that promote all-around development. National Education Policy, 2076, Compulsory and Free Education Act, 2075 and its Regulations 2077, Education Act 2028 and Regulations, 2059 National Curriculum Framework for School Education 2076, Early Childhood Development and Education Curriculum 2077 and Basic Level (Grades 1-3) Curriculum 2076 has given clear guidance regarding child development center, early child development pre-primary education and basic level (grades 1-3) children's enrollment, development and learning activities, evaluation and grading of development and learning.

According to this, there is an infant development center for children who have not completed 4 years of age and 1 year of early childhood development and education for the overall development of children who have completed 4 years and not reached 5 years of age.

But in the pre-primary classes of Monteshwari and institutional schools established according to the concept of infant development centers, without doing activities for the all-round development of children, teaching, teasing and memorizing, and giving homework of a similar nature, and some schools conduct entrance exams for admission to class 1, prepare for the entrance exams in various places. Complaints have been received from the stakeholders and experts in this field that there are actions such as taunting and making children memorize for months in the name of the class, which harms the creative and inherent talent of the children.

In Monteshwari and pre-primary classes of institutional schools, make arrangements to conduct only activities for the overall development of children, and conduct activities such as conducting entrance exams for admission to class 1 and conducting preparation classes related to it, if any, monitor within their respective areas to prevent such activities and admissions. According to the decision, all relevant local levels (village/municipality and district coordination committee) and all education development and coordination units for necessary coordination and facilitation are requested to adopt other appropriate methods.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

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