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Nepal Vidyapati Maithil Language and Literature Award to Ramesh Ranjan Jha

News 14 Jul 2022 155 0

Ramesh Ranjan Jha

The biggest award for the Maithili language in Nepal has been announced. It has been decided to give the Nepal Vidyapati Maithili Language and Literature Award of Rs. 200,000 to Maithili writer and painter Ramesh Ranjan Jha. Jha has published more than half a dozen books.

Similarly, Nepal Vidyapati Maithili Research Award will be given to Dr. Suryanarayan Yadav and Nepal Vidyapati Maithili Manuscript Award will be given to Arjun Prasad Gupta of Lahan Municipality. The research and manuscript award is one lakh each. Similarly, Nepal Vidyapati Maithili Arts and Culture Award will be given to Nirmala Jha and Ashok Kumar Dutt.

Rudra Kumar Jha, Member Secretary of Vidyapati Award Fund, has given the information that the Art Culture Award is worth 50/50,000. Nirmala Jha has been given Mithila painting and Datta for music. No book has been announced for the translation award this year. The announced prize will be awarded on 15th July.

Every year, the award was announced in the month of Kartik on the day of Vidyapati's memorial day, but this year it has been announced 8 months late. The Ministry of Culture has formed an award fund for the award with retired Professor Ram Chandra Yadav as the chairman and Rudra Kumar Jha as the member secretary. It has been giving awards in the name of Vidyapati every year since 2068 BS.