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New Salary Scale of Nepal Government Employees From 2079 Shrawan 1

News 15 Aug 2022 98176 0

Ministry of Finance Building

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government Employees (Nijamati Karmachari) From 2079 Shrawan 1: The Shrawan 26 meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to increase the salary by only 15 percent as mentioned in the budget speech.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, it has been informed that a new salary scale and grade will be approved for all levels of civil servants, Nepali Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal Health Service, Parliament Service, teachers working in public schools, effective from 1st Shrawan 2079.

In the budget statement of the financial year 2079/80, it was announced that the salary of the employees will be increased by 15 percent. But the ministry had prepared a proposal to increase the salary of officers and above by 24 percent and sent it to the Council of Ministers in order to adjust it according to the order of dignity. But the Nayab Subbas have started a movement against this.

After increasing by 15 percent, the monthly salary of the Chief Secretary will increase from Rs.67,140 to Rs.77,211, that of the Secretary from Rs.62,680 to Rs.72,820, the Joint Secretary from Rs.49,380 to Rs.56,787, Undersecretary from Rs.42,380 to Rs.48,737, Officer from Rs.37,990 to Rs.43,689, Nayab Subba from 30200 to 34730 and Kharidar from 28610 rupees to 32902. This is the starting pay scale excluding grades.