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Ninety thousands New Nepali Words Added in Nepali Dictionary

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Nepali Dictionary

In the last four decades, there have been around 90,000 words added from locals and other words in Nepali. According to experts, the word has come to Nepali literature from various languages of Nepali and national languages including Tharu, Maithili, Tamang, Nepal (Newari), Rai, Limbu, spoken in Nepal. Many words of the mother tongue literature which was developed after the restoration of democracy in the 5th were also added to the writing of Nepali literature. "After the democratic republic, words from other national languages came to be understood in Nepali literature," said Ganaprasad Upreti, Vice-Chancellor of the establishment. Many of these words come from other mother tongues. '

According to Upreti, the large Nepali dictionary of Pragya Pratishthan now has 60,000 words. It is now ready to add 90,000 words. About 9,000 new words have been collected. Preparing to open a new dictionary this year. "The new-old has reached nearly 500,000 words.

The foundation started collecting words eight years ago. After Hemangaraj Adhikari became the head of the Nepali language, dictionary, and grammar department, the words were compiled by forming a committee under his leadership. The committee consisted of Jivendradev Giri, Tulsi Bhattarai, Novel Kishore Rai, Madhav Pokharel, Badri Vishal Bhattarai, Chudamani Bandhu. The committee had accumulated 48,967 new words.

The academy has come forward with a plan to search the mother tongue and Nepali language in a sophisticated way and add words of Indian Nepali literature to it. "Local languages are being used sweetly in Nepali literature from India to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kalimpong to Assam and Meghalaya," he said, adding, "This is the prosperity of Nepali language." And from the official's 'Experimental Nepali Dictionary', he has taken some words, which are wisdom Comprehensive print issue was Nepali dictionary.

'We took about 90,000 words from the experimental Nepali dictionary,' the official said, adding that it is only natural to add words during the practice of the language. It also means the time and social development process. ” This committee has also collected the words locally practiced by Nepali language Dotali and Achhami.

According to Tulsi Bhattarai, a member of the committee, words were already practiced locally in Nepali society through mother tongue and speakers. The dictionary formed during the Panchayat period was not extended due to the social/political situation of the time. "The number is increased by collecting even the common words that are now practiced locally," he said, adding that speaking from native speakers and mother tongues became easier to speak than the words that are not understood in Sanskrit.

Local language words are the property of Nepali language. In the English language too, words like 'Lathicharj', 'Samosa' have gone from India. '' After the increase of social interdiction in the country, the words of the local language were shared and added. It helped to share a few words between the community and community in daily and practical practice. The coordinator said that the process of such social interruptions and practices in the language will continue forever. 'Language has no word limit,' he said. The official cited the example of the word 'A' being completed only in five years when the Pune University of India was constructing a comprehensive dictionary of Sanskrit language.

(This content was published on Kantipur Daily dated on 13th August 2019 and translated by Collegenp for Educational Purpose only.)

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