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No Objection Letter (NOC) Distributes from NEB (Class 10) Office

News 02 Oct 2022 3730 0

NEB-National Examination Board

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is going to distribute No-Objection Letter (NOC) for study abroad from the office of the National Examination Board NEB (Class 10) in Bhaktapur.

Earlier, NOC was being distributed from the office at Kesarmahal. As the reconstruction of Kesharamahal is going on, the Ministry has informed that distribution is going to be done from the office in Sanothimi for the time being. It is mentioned in the notification issued by the ministry that all these works will be conducted from Bhaktapur from Sunday.

Along with NOC distribution, educational counseling and certification and scholarship work will also be conducted from Bhaktapur, the ministry said. Currently, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is located within the Singha Darbar, but the work of these three branches was being done from Kesar Mahalah.