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NTA to Provides Internet Service in Community School Under Triveni Rural Municipality

News 21 Dec 2022 216 0

Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality

Broadband internet service will be provided to all community schools of Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality of Kalikot. Nepal Telecommunication Authority is about to connect internet service to all public schools of the rural municipality.

An agreement has been reached between the rural municipality and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority regarding the provision of broadband internet services in order to bring about educational improvements in public schools through technology. According to the agreement between the rural municipality and the authority, Internet service will be started in 21 basic schools of the rural municipality immediately, Mohan Bahadur KC, chairman of the rural municipality, informed.

"The local level will immediately expand the internet service of the micro, 4G and fiber services in the meeting of stakeholders including the principal," he said.

The Chairman of the rural municipality KC has agreed that the authority will bear the cost of internet services provided to the school. He said, "For this, the authority is going to study at the first stage."

According to the government's plan to start teaching and learning through information technology, Internet service has been started in the community schools of the rural municipality, informed Prakash Baral, information technology officer of the rural municipality. He said, "Rather than the traditional teaching method, teaching through information technology is the current need."

Kalikot Karnali Pradesh

Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality

Mehalmudi, Kalikot

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