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Objection from Junior to Performance Rating

News 22 Aug 2019 732 0

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration

Education officials of the municipality have objected after a circular made that the chief administrative officer may be evaluating the performance of subordinate staff.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration had made a circular on Shrawan 30, 2076, making a new decision on the evaluation of the performance of the staff of the unified. The circular clearly states that the chief administrative officer will be able to evaluate the performance of the 8th level staff of the municipality.

The deputy secretaries who have gone through education services in the municipality are at the 10th level and the chief administrative officer is the deputy secretary. In about 200 municipalities, there are junior chief administrative officers rather than education heads. Janardan Rijal, chief of education of Nawabudhha Municipality of Kavre, said the recent decision of the Ministry of General Administration was invalid and added, "I have reached a decision on Tuesday to submit the application to return the registered Performance Evaluation (PE) form. Contrary to the civil service rules, it is not acceptable to have a junior evaluate the performance of a senior.”

There is no such problem in the villages, sub-municipalities, and municipalities. Their response is that they were prepared to go under the junior when it was adjusted to assist the government but considered it their weakness. Some have filled out the Performance Evaluation (PE) formulation in accordance with the Civil Service Rules, but the latest decision says it will not happen because they lack the enthusiasm to work. Kalpana Ghimire, chief of education at Barhabise Municipality of Sindhupalchowk, said the junior would not evaluate the performance of the senior, adding, "We have objections to this. We have a plan to end the system."

The Ministry of General Administration has made the decision to appoint a gazetted First Class or Official Level 10 Official Reviewer of the respective services designated by the Principal Secretary of the respective provinces of the 11th level staff of the municipality. Baburam Gautam, chief of education, is the senior administrative officer of Kathmandu's Tokha municipality. Chief Administrative Officer Poudel said that though the education chief Gautam is a senior, he will be evaluating the performance according to the NIC and circular.

Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Yadav Koirala, made it clear that he was a junior even after becoming the head of the office, saying, “The general administration ministry does not take the opposite decision. The heads of education had to read it properly.