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Only 15 Percent of the Community Schools are Suitable for Teaching

News 27 Aug 2019 476 0


The government body has concluded that only 15 percent of the community secondary schools in the country are suitable for teaching purposes.

The Educational Quality Testing Center (ERO), under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, concluded that about 85 percent of the schools were inappropriate for teaching after performing the tests performed in 999 schools in 24 districts.

Speaking at an interaction organized by the Education Journalist Network on Monday, ERO Director-General Teknarayan Pandey said, “This model represents the country as a whole. Based on this

The situation can be assessed. 85 percent of secondary schools are not in a position to work in terms of quality. " The ERO has taken investment, process, and achievement as the basis for standardizing the test. The school's physical structure, teaching and community participation are included under the investment, while classroom teaching, student evaluation, professional development of the teacher, leadership, and management are included as part of the process and satisfaction of the serviceman, achievement of learning, etc. These bases have been given a total of 264 points.

In the last financial year, the state's investment in education has been declining. This year, it has fallen to 10 percent of the total budget. According to the ERO, improvement in school conditions is not possible unless investment in secondary education is increased. He said, "It is not appropriate to teach in such a weak school; they are only a classroom or a building, not a school with minimum standards. We are clear that the result of these schools cannot produce capable manpower. "

The report, prepared after the ERO's test, found that 83.5 percent of the schools were normal, 15.5 percent of school mediums, zero decimal nine percent of schools were weak and zero decimal 1 percent of schools were good. Weak schools with a score of less than 40 percent, generals from 40 to 70 percent, middle schools of 70 to 90 percent and above 90 percent are the best schools.

Investment, process, and achievement as an indicator of the school should be found to be 100 percent, with the average being 61 percent, process 59 percent and achievement 61 percent. Hari Aryal, director of ERO, said, "There is more of a 'gap' in progress. Due to this, the achievement of the student has been weakened. Now

The state has no choice but to increase investment and improve processes and achievements. "

23 sample schools were included during the test. Not a single model was found to be the best in the school, said Pandey, director-general of ERO. The government has been investing heavily in announcing more than 250 schools as model schools on the basis of physical infrastructure, results.

The test showed that only one school in Kanchanpur was the best. District-wise, the best-case scenario is Manang and the worst-case scenario is Bhojpur. The situation in the sample schools is normal.

The ERO recommends that all schools be prepared on a timely basis for the distribution of teachers' rates and matching policies based on the results obtained after the test, and the policies adopted by the local level and schools for teacher professional development. Similarly, a clear policy regarding resources should be formulated for the school, parents and local level of concern for the school should be increased.