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Public Transportation Fare in Nepal Updated on 2079 Jestha 27

News 11 Jun 2022 30296 0

Department of Transport Management

Public Transportation Fare in Nepal Updated on 2079 Jestha 27: Urgent Notice from the Department of Transportation Management that the fares of inter-province public transport passenger and freight vehicles have been automatically adjusted based on the price of fuel.

According to the scientific fare adjustment system being practiced by the department, if the market price of fuel, which is considered the basis for adjusting the fare of public transport, increases or decreases by 5% or more; The provision of automatic increase or decrease in the fare of Antar Pradesh Public Transport has been implemented as per the decision of this department dated 2078-12-17; The market price of diesel has been increased from Rs. 153 (per liter) on 2079-02-19 to Rs. All concerned have been informed about the fare of public transport operating in two or more provinces (as per the national level system, which has increased by 7.84% from the following adjustment; on the route of applicable level from 2079-02-27).

Types of public transport and automatic adjustment of fares:

Passenger Ride - 2.5 (increment)

Cargo vehicles operating on hilly roads - 3.25 (increase)

Freight Vehicles Operating on Terai Road 3.7 (Increase)

The fare list of the public transport services operating on the prescribed Antar Pradesh routes has been published along with it

Published: 2079-02-27)