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Raise Hope, Save Life - Police and Community Unite for Suicide Prevention in Schools

News 30 Sep 2023 228 0

Raise Hope, Save Life Police and Community Unite for Suicide Prevention in Schools

"Raise Hope, Save Life": Police and Community Unite for Suicide Prevention in Schools

Barahakshetra, Sunsari, 30 September 2023 - In a bid to instill hope and positive energy among students, the police have embarked on a unique mission. "Raise hope, save life" is not just a slogan but a community-driven initiative led by the police to counter the rising suicide rates among the youth.

Why the Schools?

  • Positive Reinforcement: Instead of merely showcasing their roles and activities, the police are visiting schools to fill young minds with positive affirmations and energy.

  • Targeting Crucial Growth Phases: Growing children often face challenges and pressures during their physical, mental, and intellectual development stages. The police aim to ensure that during these crucial phases, students remain optimistic.

  • Part of a Larger Initiative: Deputy Superintendent of Police, Navin Krishna Bhandari of the District Police Office, Sunsari, highlighted the community police partnership program. This program is dedicated to fostering positive attitudes in children and reducing suicidal tendencies.

Rising Concerns

  • Spike in Suicides: Recent trends have shown an alarming rise in suicide incidents in the district. This has spurred the police and other concerned organizations to intensify their efforts.

  • Expanding Campaign: The police are scaling up their suicide awareness campaigns across all 12 local bodies in the Sunsari district.

  • Local Engagements: Following an uptick in suicide cases in the Barahakshetra and Mahendranagar city areas, local police offices have been proactive, especially targeting students in classes 9 and 10 with awareness programs.

Collaborative Efforts

Bimala Ghimire, the Sunsari district program officer of Orek Nepal, emphasized the partnership between the police and Orek Nepal. Together, they are:

  • Addressing root causes: The collaborative program dives deep into understanding the reasons behind suicidal thoughts and connecting these reasons to broader mental health issues.

  • Engaging Discussions: The focus is not just on spreading awareness but also on fostering engaging conversations that delve into the psychology of suicidal tendencies and their prevention.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • Curiosity-Driven Participation: Students across the district are actively participating in these programs, driven by curiosity and the novel approach adopted by the police.

  • Positive Psychological Impact: Bimala Ghimire, another program officer from Orek Nepal, acknowledged the substantial positive influence these programs have had on child psychology. The police's active engagement has provided the students with valuable insights.

In the face of growing pessimism and rising suicide incidents, initiatives like these underscore the importance of collective efforts. It's a clarion call for communities to come together, champion optimism, and work collaboratively to curb suicides in their regions.

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