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Rastriya Kitabkhana (Shikshak) Notice for Teachers Insurance Policy Update

News 04 Jul 2022 37022 0

Rastriya Kitabkhana (Shikshak)

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Rastriya Kitabkhana (Shikshak) Notice: Due to the request from the Citizens Investment Trust (Nagarik Lagani Kosh) Central Office to convey detailed information to the school teachers through all the education development and coordination units; This information has been published for everyone's information.

The teachers of the community schools pay Rs. 400. - and Rs. 400 from the Government of Nepal. Due to the non-availability of the date of birth and code number (Seatroll number) of some of the following teachers, the insurance policy could not be issued by the National Insurance Corporation. Is

Therefore, the following teachers have prepared the identity card of the Citizens Investment Fund with the date of birth and sign no. An update is requested. For the convenience of the teaching staff, arrangements have been made to update the details in the form mentioned below by sending the details to the fund's email address [email protected] through the school concerned.

Since the premium of each teaching staff has to be sent to the insurance company in advance, it is requested to deposit the amount in one of the accounts of the following banks and avail the benefits of the remittance insurance program as soon as possible.

As the premium cannot be sent to the insurance corporation due to the non-receipt of the premium in time, it is also requested that the teaching staff be deprived of the facility of this program in such cases. Also, if you need to get more information in this regard, contact the Citizens Investment Fund Please contact no. 01-5970201, Ext No.  at 125 and 134.

Download / View: Name List of Teachers whose Insurance Policy has not been updated (11600)