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Rastriya Secondary School Pokhara to Launch Historic Hirak Mahotsav Celebrations

News 29 Nov 2023 299 0

Rastriya Secondary School Pokhara to Launch Historic Hirak Mahotsav Celebrations

Rastriya Secondary School in Pokhara to Launch Historic Hirak Mahotsav Celebrations

Pokhara, Nepal – A landmark moment is on the horizon for the Rastriya Secondary School Pokhara (Public Middle School), initially established on Mangsir 20, 2006, by a pioneering team led by the then Badahakim Dhanshamser Jabara and colleagues. The school is poised to commence its Hirak Mahotsav, a year-long celebration, starting from Mangsir 20th this year.

Historical Beginnings

The school, originally operational in Narayansthan (now Pokhara 3, Nadipur), was the brainchild of Dhanshamser Jabara (Chairman), Rishikeshav Parajuli (Secretary), Premraj Mulmi (Treasurer), Sundarprasad Marsani (Co-Secretary), Dayashankar Palikhe, and Shyamprasad Karmacharya. It received permanent approval in 2007.

Development Milestones

Following King Tribhuvan's grant, the school was initially built and later moved to a 72 Ropani area in old Tundikhel. Principal Iswari Prasad Sapkota noted the school's relocation and subsequent construction agreement with the American aid mission. In 2013, King Mahendra laid the foundation stone of the new school building, signifying a new educational era.

Academic Achievements

Despite its humble beginnings, the school showcased remarkable academic prowess, especially in the SLC examinations. "In 2011, four out of five SLC participants passed, marking our first major academic success," recalled Principal Sapkota. The school, formerly known as National Multipurpose High School, will continue its educational mission as National Mavi post-2028.

Expansion and Infrastructure Development

The school expanded its educational offerings to include classes 11 and 12 from 2054, following the cessation of certificate-level teaching at Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. The school now boasts comprehensive facilities, including science and computer labs, libraries, and sports fields. Currently, it serves 1,400 students across 44 districts with a staff of 57 teachers.

Hirak Mahotsav Celebration

The upcoming Hirak Mahotsav will feature a range of activities, including a Prabhatferi starting from the original foundation stone in Narayansthan, leading to the school via several Pokhara landmarks. Dhanraj Acharya, head of Pokhara Metropolitan City, will inaugurate the Prabhatferi. The Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Raj Pandey, is expected to attend the inauguration ceremony.

The year-long festival, organized by a core committee of 1,001 members and a 41-member performance committee, will include a reunion ceremony, souvenir publication, health camp, and various arts, literature, and sports competitions.

Looking Forward

With a focus on preserving its rich heritage and recognizing its land donors, the school, under the leadership of President Rana and Principal Sapkota, aspires to strengthen its status as a model educational institution in Kaski. The Hirak Mahotsav is seen as a pivotal event in this journey, uniting past and present members of the school community in celebration and remembrance.

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