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Sirjana Upreti Operates Sadgamaya Elderly Care Home in Naya Basti, Kathmandu

News 13 Jan 2022 180 0

Sadgamaya Elderly Care Home

Sadgamaya Elderly Care Home has come into operation in Nayabasti, Bouddha, Kathmandu with the objective of supporting and nurturing the helpless elderly. The Elderly Care Home was inaugurated on Monday by host Srijana Upreti and her family during a program. Director Srijana Upreti has started this Old Age Home in the name of her mother Shibmaya Upreti and father Ram Prasad Upreti who are in Nepal.

Srijana Upreti, who has been living in the US for a long time, is also known as a social worker in the US. Sadgamaya Elderly Care Home provides free food, shelter, and medical treatment to elderly people who have no relatives.

Praising his daughter's reluctance, Upreti's father Ram Prasad Upreti said that others should also learn from his daughter's social work.

It has been informed that the Education and Migration Corner will also be present for the protection of the Elderly Care Home and the upcoming journey. Sunil Upreti, Sydney Director of the Education and Migration Corner, said that the Education and Migration Corner, which is affiliated with the education sector, has been participating in social activities and social service from time to time. Nabaraj Prasai openly praised the operation of Old Age Home.

In the name of their parents, Upreti family Sharad Upreti, Srijana Upreti, Anjana Upreti, Dibyani Kharel Upreti, and Sunil Upreti will take care of and protect Sadgamaya Elderly Care Home.