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Tarakeshwor Municipality Kathmandu Focus on High Priority in Education and Water Supply

News 22 Sep 2022 623 0

Tarakeshwor Municipality Kathmandu

Tarakeshwor Municipality, Kathmandu has allocated a budget of Rs 6 crore for the campaign 'Ek Ghar, Ek Dhara'. In order to reduce the drinking water problem in Tarakeshwor municipality, in coordination with the Federal and Province government, to implement the decision of the first meeting of the executive body, in coordination with the union and the state government, a budget of Rs. 60 million has been allocated in the current financial year.

In the current fiscal year, an amount of Rs 55 million has been allocated to Sudarshan Memorial Stadium, Pipaldanda Sports Ground and Dandagaon Sports Ground for the development of sports within the municipality.

Similarly, the municipality has taken the policy of protecting the language, culture, art and local traditions of the different castes living in the municipality, establishing the Guthi Akshay Kosh to protect the local traditional culture, and protecting the Seshamati River in Ward No. 4.

Tarakeshwor municipality has allocated more than eight million rupees (excluding conditional grants) in the current fiscal year to increase the educational quality of community schools. Similarly, the Municipal Education Act 2076 was amended by the 11th Municipal Assembly so that the management committee of community schools will be under the leadership of public representatives, and they have been made more responsible and accountable to community schools.

Tarakeshwor has allocated an amount of Rs 45 million for the purchase of fire extinguishers, ambulances, and road rollers to increase the quality of physical structures and school buses to reduce the continuous rate of student classes in public schools in preparation for the disaster that may occur.

In order to reduce the risk of disaster, and to prevent further damage to the material property of the affected townspeople of Tarakeshwor, distribution of Tripal on the basis of demand and managing the surface of the river has been done to reduce the inundation of settlements. The public procurement process has been made more organized to maintain competitiveness and transparency, and the purchase and sale process through all types of contracts from the municipality has been made transparent, and the NIC Asia Bank counter has been placed within the municipality to facilitate the payment of taxes and duties.

In order to organize the services provided by the municipality, the necessary structures for the one-door service system have been constructed and services have been conducted. As part of the bright city program, solar lights have been installed on the main road, auxiliary roads and settlements, and it is said that the construction of the bridge has been started immediately in Ward No. 2 after the bridge was swept away by the flood. Under the bright city safe city program, the budget will be arranged for the installation of street lights and CC cameras and it will be implemented.

According to the policy of providing quality health services at the doorsteps of the city dwellers, medical services have been resumed from the health posts of each ward. It is said that necessary equipment for X-ray, ultrasound, and lab operation has been purchased to make the health services provided by Sangla primary health center effective.

Following the guidance of the federal government, the municipality said that by reducing the administrative expenses, increasing the capital expenses, and reducing the employees who are more than the number of posts, an agile, sound, and technology-friendly structure has been built and implemented. Adopting a frugal and transparent policy in administrative expenses, zero tolerance for corruption has been adopted.

The municipality has stated that the plan has been decided to distribute the amount to the poor children and senior citizens in the society without taking the monthly financial service benefits they are entitled to.

The work of establishing the Nepal Electricity Authority branch office in Dharmasthali has started to provide electricity services to Tarakeshwor residents nearby. Also, it is said that a proposal has been submitted to the Executive Director of the Electricity Authority to underground the electricity distribution system in the city. The Hariyali Nagar program has also been launched within the municipality.