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Tribhuvan University Launches Online Transcript and Certification Services

News 29 Jan 2024 4683 0

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Tribhuvan University Launches Online Transcript and Certification Services

In a significant move towards digital convenience, Tribhuvan University, through its Office of the Controller of Examinations (TUOCE), has announced the launch of online services for transcripts and other academic certifications starting from January 29, 2024. This initiative aims to streamline processes and eliminate the need for students to visit the Balkhu office physically.

Step-by-Step Guide to Access Online Services

  1. Website Navigation: Visit TU's official Examination Office website at

  2. Accessing Services: On the homepage, click on the 'Certificate' link to access various services.

  3. Registration and Sign Up: Select the Sign-Up option and register using the link sent to your email.

  4. Uploading Documents: Upload the registration slip in PDF, JPG, or image format.

  5. Filling in Service Requests: Choose the desired service (transcript, provisional certificate, etc.), fill in the required information, and submit the necessary form.

  6. Payment and Submission: Complete the e-payment process for the specified amount and submit your application.

  7. Notification and Corrections: Receive notifications regarding the processing of your request. If any information is incomplete or incorrect, follow the instructions for corrections and re-upload the necessary information.

  8. Certificate Distribution: Certificates for online services will be distributed through the relevant regional examination control offices.

Additional Information

  • Combined Service Approach: TUOCE will initially run both online and offline services, with a future transition to full online operations.

  • Correction Procedures: For corrections in names or other details, required evidence should be submitted to the Central Office at Balkhu or the respective Regional Examination Control Office.

  • Certificate Collection: Certificates must be collected personally or through a designated individual, along with necessary proofs.

  • Support and Contact: For any issues or queries, TUOCE encourages communication via email or phone. Ensure to upload your contact details accurately for effective communication.

This new digital initiative by Tribhuvan University marks a significant advancement in facilitating academic processes for students. By embracing online technologies, TUOCE is set to enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and convenience of its services, catering to the evolving needs of its student body.

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