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Tribhuvan University Notification on Degree Equivalence and Recognition

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Tribhuvan University Notification on Degree Equivalence and Recognition

Tribhuvan University's Rector's Office and Curriculum Development Center in Kirtipur has issued an important clarification regarding the equivalence and recognition of academic degrees. This notice aims to delineate the parameters for acknowledged equivalency and general recognition of degrees conferred by the university.

Degree Recognition Guidelines

  • Recognized Equivalence

    • Degrees that have been pursued through traditional on-campus programs, with requisite entry qualifications, stipulated course duration, and full course loads are granted full equivalence. These degrees are deemed equivalent to the corresponding degrees offered directly by Tribhuvan University.
  • Recognition Only

    • Degrees obtained through alternative educational modalities such as open and distance learning, or private studies, and those acquired without a formalized curriculum are acknowledged with recognition status. This categorization ensures that these degrees are considered valid for employment and further education, though they may not meet the strict criteria set for full equivalence.

Conditional Recognition

  • Degrees that do not adhere strictly to the conventional duration of study or those obtained through less traditional paths like open, distance, or private modes are given conditional recognition. This means while they are valid, their acceptance is limited to contexts where the exact academic program is not offered at Tribhuvan University.

Purpose of This Notification

This notification serves to inform both governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as service providers and degree holders, about the specific conditions under which Tribhuvan University degrees are recognized and considered equivalent.

Implications for Degree Holders

  • Degree holders should ensure that they understand the distinctions between full equivalence, recognition only, and conditional recognition when presenting their qualifications to potential employers or educational institutions.
  • It is crucial for stakeholders to refer to the official Tribhuvan University guidelines to confirm the status of any academic degree in question.

Tribhuvan University is committed to maintaining high standards of academic excellence and integrity. This notification clarifies the recognition status of degrees obtained through various modes of study, ensuring transparency and aiding in the proper assessment of qualifications. For further details, stakeholders are encouraged to visit the official website or contact the Curriculum Development Center directly.

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