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B.Sc. Ag. and BVSc & AH Scholarship Application Call from Lions Manaram Foundation

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Scholarship Application Call from Manram Foundation

According to the agreement between Tribhuvan University (TU), Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IASS), Lions Manaram Foundation 2005 Nepal, and Manram Himalayan Handicraft, 2 towards BSc Ag and 1 towards BVSc & AH from this institution with effect from the academic year 2078/2079. As the Manaram scholarship will be awarded to three female students, interested female students who are enrolled in the specified programs in the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IASS) of Tribhuvan University and are studying in Kantipur Dainik should email the institution at [email protected] within 30 (thirty) days from the date of first publication in Kantipur daily. This notification has been published to apply.

The application form can be downloaded from the institute's website and for more details visit the institute's website or contact the institute, TU Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IASS) or Manaram Himalayan Handicraft.

More details:

1) In the received application form, all the details should be filled in handwritten or printed using black ink.

2) A recent passport-size photograph should be pasted on the upper right side of the application form.

3) The application form should be signed at the bottom of each page and counterpointed (lapache and signature) at the designated place.

4) The application form with citizenship certificate and educational qualification certificates (SLC or SEE and +2 or equivalent) should be verified by the campus head and scanned and sent to the above email id.

5) The application form which is not filled in with all the details, not correctly printed, the photo is not pasted, citizenship and educational qualification certificates are not attached and the application form is not certified by the campus head will not be accepted.

6) Since it is the policy of the foundation to provide scholarships to the most needy qualified students (Need-based, Merit-based), accordingly, the evaluation committee formed by the foundation will evaluate the applications received and select twice or more than the specified number for the first stage.

7) In the first stage, the selected students will be interviewed.

8) After that, the list of students who will get the scholarship will be announced based on the evaluation of 100 full marks considering the merit of the entrance exam as 70% and the interview as 30%. Names of alternate students will also be published as required.

9) Selected students will be awarded scholarships for the duration of their undergraduate studies. But the habit of students who drop out midway or fail the session exam will not be allowed to continue.

10) The scholarship will be provided at the rate of ten thousand rupees per month. Arrangements will be made to deposit the scholarship into the student's bank account monthly through the campus where the student is studying.

11) If the necessary policy decision regarding scholarship is to be taken, it will be done with the mutual consent of the Dean's Office and Lions Manram Foundation.

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