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Call for Nominations for National Botanical Award 2080

Scholarship 30 Nov 2023 449 0

National Botanical Award

Nepal's National Botanical Award 2080: Celebrating Green Innovation

The Nepal Ministry of Forest and Environment takes immense pride in its rich botanical heritage and is committed to fostering research and innovation in this field. In a bid to acknowledge and reward the relentless efforts of individuals and researchers, the National Botanical Award has been instituted. This prestigious recognition is aimed at those who have made significant strides in the protection, promotion, and sustainable management of plant diversity.

Award Details and Eligibility

  • Award Incentive: The award, which comprises a sum of NPR 2,00,000, is designed to incentivize groundbreaking work in the study and conservation of Nepal’s plant life.
  • Application Deadline: Interested candidates are advised to submit their applications within 30 days from the initial announcement date.
  • Award Ceremony: The accolade will be presented on the auspicious day of Chaitra 29th, 2080 Plantation Day, a day dedicated to planting and nurturing the flora of the nation.

How to Apply

  • Application Process: Prospective applicants are encouraged to send in their detailed proposals, clearly demonstrating their contribution to botanical sciences.
  • Submission Method: Applications can be directed to [email protected] or submitted via the department's official portal
  • Document Requirements: Applicants must provide a comprehensive set of documents and personal details as specified on the department's website.

Contact for More Information

For any inquiries, the Publicity and Documentation Branch stands ready to assist. You can reach out at the contact number provided in the official notification.