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Chinese Government Awards Scholarships to 71 Nepali Students for 2023/24

Scholarship 15 Aug 2023 1984 0

Chinese Government Awards Scholarships to 71 Nepali Students for 2023

Chinese Government Awards Scholarships to 71 Nepali Students for 2023/24

In a commendable move to strengthen educational ties, the Chinese government has granted scholarships to 71 Nepali students for the academic year 2023/24. These scholarships will enable the students to pursue higher education in various esteemed universities across China.

Key Highlights:

  • Scholarship Handover Ceremony: The official ceremony took place in Kathmandu, where the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song, presented the scholarships to the deserving students.

  • Student Experiences: During the event, several Nepali students who had previously studied in China shared their enriching experiences. They spoke about the cultural immersion, academic rigor, and the life-changing opportunities they encountered while living and studying in China.

  • Spotlight on Saksham Shrestha: Among the scholarship recipients, Saksham Shrestha expressed his enthusiasm about joining Houzhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan. He is set to embark on a journey in software engineering, believing that this opportunity will pave the way for numerous other doors to open in his career.

  • Minister's Take: Ashok Rai, the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, emphasized the potential learnings Nepali students can gain from China's remarkable advancements in science and technology. He passionately stated, "Your success is connected with the country's success," highlighting the symbiotic relationship between individual achievements and national progress.

  • Ambassador's Message: Ambassador Song lauded the Nepali students, referring to them as the 'witnesses, beneficiaries, builders, and communicators' of the deep-rooted Nepal-China friendship.

The scholarships provided by the Chinese government not only signify the strengthening bond between China and Nepal but also underscore the importance of global educational exchanges. As these 71 Nepali students embark on their academic journeys in China, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of their nation, poised to contribute to a brighter future for both countries.

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