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DOIB Notice to Apply for Scholarships for Undergraduate Journalism Students

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Department of Information and Broadcasting (DOIB) Scholarship Notice

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Department of Information and Broadcasting (DOIB), Sanchargram, Kathmandu Notice to apply for scholarships for undergraduate journalism students

Since the Department of Information and Broadcasting will provide "scholarships to 14 (fourteen) undergraduate students studying journalism" in the financial year 2079/80; Students who have passed Proficiency Certificate Level or 10+2 in Journalism and are studying at the graduate level are invited to apply to the department in the format as per Schedule (1) of "Scholarship Distribution Procedure for Students Studying Journalism, 2074" with the following documents within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice.

1) Documents to be attached with the application:

1.1) Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate,

1.2) Copy of merit certificate of passing Proficiency Certificate level or 10+2 in Journalism subject,

1.3) Letter of recommendation certifying that the relevant campus is studying journalism at the graduate level.

(In the said letter, it should be clear which year the student is a graduate student. If the student is in the final year of graduation, it should be clear that the study period is at least 6 (six) months left.)

1.4) Recommendation letter: Point no. (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), and (h) students who apply in the group mentioned in 2. Document/recommendation letter proving that group.

1.5) Passport-size photograph.

2) Out of the students who applied, 14 students will be awarded scholarships as follows. (a) Open: 5 people (b) Women: 3 people (c) Dalits: 1 person (d) Tribal/tribals: 1 person (e) Madheshi: 1 person (f) Muslims: 1 person (c) Disabled: 1 Person (h) Backward Areas 1 person

3) The application should be submitted via email. The required documents should be scanned along with the application and sent to the email address of the department at [email protected] After receiving the email, the department will provide the registration number in the email of the application.

4) Scholarship distribution procedure for journalism students, 2074 schedule (1) of the application form and detailed information can be obtained from the department's website

5) If you need more information, the department's phone no. It can be obtained by contacting 01-4112554.

(First published date: 2079-07-29)

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