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Foreign Employment Scholarship /Baideshik Rojgar Chhatravriti for Academic Session 2079

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Foreign Employment Board Secretariat, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Foreign Employment Board Secretariat, Babarmahal, Kathmandu Notice regarding the application for foreign employment scholarship [Baideshik Rojgar Chhatravriti] (academic session 2079).

For foreign employment scholarships for the children of workers who have died or are totally disabled or seriously ill during the contract period of foreign employment with labor approval; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned parties to submit an application by the end of Ashoj 2079 in accordance with the schedule (1) of the Foreign Employment Scholarship Operating Procedure of 2071 in the educational institution they are studying.

Authority to which the student submits the application:

  • In the format as per schedule 1 in the educational institution where you are studying.

Basis of Applying for Scholarship:

  • The workers who got a labor permit and went to foreign employment due to death or dismemberment or illness and received one hundred percent (100%) financial assistance from the Foreign Employment Board must have sons and daughters.
  • Only children below 18 years of age studying in community and institutional schools (pre-primary class or nursery or similar to class 12) can apply.
  • The scholarship for the academic semester of 2079 will be made available only to the children of the workers who have received financial assistance as per the above date till the end of 2079 Ashad.

Documents to be attached to the application (for those who have not received the scholarship yet):

  • Copy of worker's labor permit sticker.
  • Copy of citizenship of applicant's guardian.
  • Copy of the death registration certificate of the worker who died in foreign employment.
  • A copy of the worker's passport proving that he has received financial assistance from the board and passport no.
  • A document proving that a worker who is disabled while on foreign employment is completely disabled.
  • Copy of student's birth registration.
  • Copy of the proof of relationship between the applicant, guardian and worker.
  • Recommendation of the concerned local level.

For children receiving scholarships:

  • Student application.
  • Letter of recommendation to open the class of the school being studied.
  • Copy of worker's passport.
  • Scholarship Limit:
  • 8,000 per annum for the basic level (eight thousand) and Rs. 12,000 (twelve thousand) will be provided for the secondary level.
  • A lump sum foreign employment scholarship will be provided annually to a student for 1 time only in one class.

Responsibilities of the school:

  • Dissemination of information regarding foreign employment scholarships to all related students and parents.
  • The submitted applications must be collected and the documents to be attached with the application must be examined according to the Foreign Employment Scholarship Operating Procedure, 2071.
  • The applications which have been deemed appropriate by the examination should be sent to the Education Development and Coordination Unit within the 15th of Kartik 2079 along with the recommendation in the format of schedule (2) of the procedure.
  • The amount of scholarship received through the concerned education development and coordination unit should be made available to all the students concerned and the information should be given to the education development and coordination unit.

Responsibilities of Education Development Coordination Unit:

  • To inform all the schools within the district to collect and submit to the unit the details of students receiving scholarships according to the Foreign Employment Scholarship Operation Procedure, 2071.
  • The applications received from the respective schools with references should be checked and sent to the Foreign Employment Board within 15th of November 2079 so that the details mentioned in the schedule (3) of the procedure are disclosed.
  • Arrangements should be made to provide the scholarship money sent from the Board Secretariat through the Education and Human Resource Development Center or directly to the students who have been selected to receive the scholarship through the relevant school and send the compensation to the Board Secretariat.

(More information can be obtained from Labor Call Center toll-free number 1141, Foreign Employment Board phone number 01-4320311 / 01-4320433 website

Published date: 2079-04-09

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