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Hult Prize at The British College: “Getting the World Back to Work”

Scholarship 15 Feb 2022 1841 0

Hult Prize at The British College

Hult Prize at The British College: “Getting the World Back to Work”: The Hult Prize is the world’s biggest engine for the launch of student-led ventures that are both “for-good” and “for-profit”. So, following the great success it had in 2020/21, the Hult Prize is once again taking place at The British College, and the theme for this year is "Getting the World Back to Work."

Led by BBA Level 5 student, and Campus Director of the Hult Prize at TBC, Grisham Tiwari - a team of over 15 enthusiastic individuals are working hard to organise the event. This amazing platform will give TBC students the opportunity to compete at a global level, and get the chance to win an incredible cash prize of $1 Million. 

The competition will see teams of three to four students working together to pitch their plan of social enterprise. Each team will attend training sessions and receive expert advice, as they compete to win a range of prizes, including gift hampers from the sponsors. 

In preparation for the event, a virtual orientation session was organised in order to educate the participants about the Hult Prize. With approximately 100 participants attending, the event was a great success, and the participants were all very grateful. 

The committee is also thrilled to announce that Cake Sewa, Udhyami Innovations, and Varendra University International Affairs Council are all partnering with TBC to sponsor the event. The Hult Prize team would like to thank them for their help in making this event a great success and would also like to confirm that they are still open for more collaborations, to further encourage these aspiring entrepreneurs to create an impact on society. 

Grisham Tiwari said of the event, “This is an incredible opportunity and registration is still open until the 15th February 2022. And so I would like to welcome all current students at The British College, whether already in a group or as an individual looking to be assigned a team, to sign up now”. 

For more information and up-to-date details, you can follow the Hult Prize on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter. Alternatively, you can check out the website or register directly by following this link.

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