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Human Rights and Peace Society Launched a Scholarship Campaign for Girls

Scholarship 23 Jan 2021 1274 0

Human Rights and Peace Society Launched a Scholarship Campaign for Girls:

The Human Rights and Peace Society has launched a scholarship campaign with the call 'Let's educate daughters: increase dignity'. Under this, a scholarship of Rs. 12,000 will be provided to 37 girls studying in class 6 of poor families of the Dalit community every year, said Sushil Basnet, general secretary of the society. This process will continue for five years, that is until those students reach 10th grade.   

This year, a total of Rs. 444,000 scholarships will be provided to 37 poor Dalit girls (Old Thalaha School of Katahari Rural Municipality of Morang District and Old Dadarvairiya School of Dhanpalathan Rural Municipality) at the rate of Rs. 12,000 each.     

A central member of the Peace Society Ram Prasad Joshi will provide two scholarships for the five-year scholarship, well-wishers Anuja Khanal Thapa two, Samvat Thapa two, Apoorva Sharma two and one well-wishers two for the five-year scholarship.   

 Society President Uttam Pudasaini, Advisor Homkant Chaulagain, Senior Vice President Govind Khanal, Secretary Ratnalakshmi Shrestha, Discipline Committee Coordinator Dick Prasad Khanal, Secretary Krishna Bahadur Rawal, Treasurer Ram Krishna Baral, Central Member Vikas Thapa, Central Member Namrata Kharel, Morang Branch President Bheshraj Pokhrel, Former President of Morang Dilli Bahadur Karki, Life Members Maniraj Ghimire, Komal Prasad Sharma, Sudip Rijal, Yamuna Kandel, Rambabu Dahal, Kiran Dhakal, Lochan Rijal, Rajendra Khanal and well-wishers Bhairav ​​Rijal, Achyut Baral, Tarun Sharma, Meena Chaulagain, Radhika Khanal, Laxmi Baral, Arya Pandey, And Shaishav Khanal will provide assistance for the five-year scholarship.   

 He also thanked all those who have pledged Rs. 2.22 million within five years for the first phase of the five-year scholarship campaign by the society. The society has stated that the campaign will be extended to other districts by increasing the number of scholarships as more helping hands are added.